Babu Owino to Slaughter Bulls for Students who Were Arrested Over HELB Demonstrations


Babu Owino has said that the students fraternity will hold a party next week Friday for the 11 Comrades who were arrested two days ago over HELB demonstrations. The KUSO /SONU Chairperson has indicated that the individuals majorly drawn from technical University of Kenya and the University of Nairobi will be given a hero’s welcome on that day. Babu helped in making the students free after he paid 220000 shillings and a surety of the same amount as bond.

Talking to students in the evening of today through his social media account, Babu indicated that all students are in solidarity with their 11 heros and would do everything possible to let them off the hook of the Kenyan police and law enforcers. Babu led a group of student leaders yesterday in attending their court case mentions. Sources also reveal that the no nonsense student of law at the UoN was involved in securing a lawyer to represent the students in the case.

Babu told the media that HELB and the government failed to respond to their pleas even after inquiring and informing them about their plight. The lawyer who represented the students also informed the court that Babu and other student leaders had informed the police about the demonstration and even acquired a permit for the same activity. He argued that the policemen overstepped their mandates by arresting students who were only exercising their rights to hold demos and picket. He claimed that quite a number of students had stayed at home for more than 1 academic year because of the failure of the board to disburse the amounts in the accounts in time.

Police argued that the students had exercised unruly behavior during the strike blocking main roads, threatening motorists and stepping on Kidero grass.

Students have so far lauded Babu Owino’s effort and genuinty claiming that he is the only politician who cares about his subjects. The demonstration led to the good news that HELB would be available in every students account as from today all the way to Monday next week.

Magazine Reel tried to reach any of the 11 students but as at the time of going to press, non of them had commented on either their welcoming party on Friday or their plight behind bars.



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