Babu Owino’s Fabulous Speech Animated

Babu Owino

When talking about the university students and their unions, people always remember demonstrations, destruction of citizens commodities and stoning of vehicles along highways. Students usually do not forget their leaders in every particular moment.

The University of Nairobi has been producing great politicians since Kenya got independence. Students Organization of Nairobi University (SONU) is still going strong after close to three decades. Every time the organization has produced a central figure in leadership who usually make even the mighty to tremble.

mp babuLove him or hate him, the current SONU chairman Mr Babu Owino is a darling to many students. People believe that his violent leadership principles and his prompt response to crisis resonates well with his student electorates. No wonder he is the current chairperson of all the university students in Kenya.

Regardless of any students campus of belonging, most usually depend on him to save them from the things they consider atrocities.

Mr Babu recently ask the university of Nairobi students to bathe in Nairobi river in order to protest what he referred to as drought within campus premises.

The flamboyant chair also kept Loans board on toes over loan disbursement delays experienced three months ago. He was on Tuesday of this week at the forefront fighting for the truth behind the death of two Egerton university students.

All these activities involving student leadership and operations cannot be mentioned without having a clue of his first term at the helm of student leadership at the University of Nairobi.

Everybody remembers him in his fight for the truth behind the murder of a female student who was known as Mercy Keino.

Mr. Babu made a speech which could not be interpreted by anybody including journalist at the Uhuru Park venue. He was addressing the media after touching down at the park on a hired personal chopper. Talk of money and fame!

Students have since joined hands to come up with an animation on him and his great speech that he gave out only in seconds.

Here it is



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