Before You Double Tap, Read This

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The social media has come out as a strong influencer in the world. It remains a platform that will make people and at the same time break others. You can be a normal citizen today, and a wanted criminal of international magnitude tomorrow because of social media.

Instagram is one of such platforms which was first launched in October 2010, and to date has over 10 million users. The Times listed Instagram among 50 Best Android apps with people logging in every second to view pictures and watch videos, keeping up to date with their peer’s whereabouts .

IMG_20150496_123521However, there is a whole other scene behind the wall. If you could climb over a take a look I’m sure you’ll agree with me that not all ‘swagged-up, fresh looking, latest trend, smiley people are as happy as their pictures portray. Neither are the shady looking not so active people sad and outdated.

Social Media influence is real. And that is why you’ll feel left out when the posts you see remind you that you are indoors when your friends were out last night. It is the reason you will hate yourself for being single when all the posts you see are of him or her and their ‘babe’. Social media pressure is the reason why you’ll skip that meal and workout to get that flat belly and curvy behind like Miss Popular. There is so much pressure to look good; and take that selfie for the rest of the world to see how fresh you look, how you’re wearing the latest trend in the streets, how you did not miss the event everyone is talking about… the list is endless.

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IMG_20150496_115705Those likes don’t make you any more of a person than you already are. They don’t make you any less of a person than you already are.

Instagram is a great place, it harbors memories. But hear this, let your posts be a memory of how happy you are and not a reminder of how hard you tried to impress your followers.



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