To Beloved Terrorist Attack Victims.


God picks flowers from his garden above.He sends them to earth for a family and friends to love.He sends someone kind,humble and always happy.Then one day the sky turns dark grey,thunder strikes and everyone in the country begin to pray to God to have mercy on us.

Terrorist with merciless hearts starts killing innocent,harmless and helpless people ruthlessly and they take our beloved ones.Sometimes we don’t always understand just what God has in his plans and we start blaming ourselves.Endless footsteps lean on a long ground.The beloved grieving people who were here can no more be seen.The black clouds come and hide the crying sky.Loneliness strike and echoes of goodbyes becomes a reality,they are gone,gone forever never to come back..but all in all God knows why.

westgateI know they succeed to shoot you.They succeeded to take you to an early grave while still so young.YEEES!they also may have won their battle against you but all in all i know as you are going,your blood is still not at rest.I can feel innocent tears rolling down your cheeks.Tears of an helpless person who had no bad intention against anyone,just that you were in a the right place at the wrong time but what do we say,that was God’s plans may be.Life has been full of tears,pain and sorrows since you left.Your family misses you so bad but I know God is gonna be with them.

I understand you are gone yes,but still simple things brings you back to our minds like the pale blue sky,gentle wind blowing and even the storm cloud on the horizon.I still remember the great hope you had for the future,determination you had and the dreams that you had but unfortunately it has been cut short by merciless,barbaric terrorists now they will never come true again,no goal to achieve here because you are gone,but all i can promise is that I am gonna work so hard and fulfill them on your behalf dear one.
I know I am not Shakespeare to write all about you.I am not Shelley to sing about you.I am not Picasso to paint you,but this is all i can do for ones a loved one friend like you.

I know for every mistake there is always a punishment.If there are sorrow written in fate,some reasons always form.Now all the sorrows are wound up in tears.Now all the tears have clung to the eyelids and for these reasons i know God is gonna punish those who did all that to you.What else can i now say that you are gone?what promise can i make?You were a loyal soul-mate to the end and you always gave me strength, encouragement and a reason to always smile even if all was not well.May your soul REST IN PEACE.I’LL MISS YOU BELOVED FRIEND,Byeeeee…



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