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This week The Geek had a one-on-one chat with a software Developer at RoyJim Technologies – a start-up company developing a mobile accounting application. The BIZACC is an android mobile application that aims to ease accounting problems encountered by Small & Medium Enterprises(SMEs).


This what he had to say,

Magazine Reel(MR): What’s your product name?

RoyJim Technologies(RoyJim): BIZACC

MR: What’s the problem you are solving?

RoyJim: Current dis-organization of financial information within SMEs &
mismanagement of finances in different organization.

MR: What solutions are you offering to the affected party?

RoyJim: An easy to use mobile application that helps in record keeping of transaction as and when they occur.


MR: What influenced your app creation?

RoyJim: A quench to bring a skill I learnt (in accounting ) to all businesses including those run as a one man show. I was also seeking for a permanent solution to mismanaged accounts.

MR: Who are your team members/partners/founders & their experiences?

RoyJim: Samwel Wanjiru-Marketing manager, Leewell Macharia-Financial Manager, Royjim Mwangi-Software Developer

MR: For how long have you been in existence?

RoyJim: 5 months


MR: How much financial backing do you have & by whom? If got financial backing, how long have they given you to be successful?

RoyJim: Our team members Sweat capital

MR: Whom have you partnered with to deliver your service offering/products?

RoyJim: ILab Africa & Safaricom app wiz

MR: What’s your target market?

RoyJim: A duka,a small business

MR: Who are your competitors and how well are you doing by comparison?

RoyJim: Safaricom cloud, Sage pastel


MR: How many clients do you have on board?

RoyJim: 5 new customers each day

MR: Do you have paying customers? If so, how many?

RoyJim: Yeap

MR: What’s your revenue model?

RoyJim: All our products are free but we charge for our goodness. How much would you pay us?

MR: What’s your monthly net revenue?

RoyJim: 300Gs

MR: What’s your 6 months & 2yrs strategy?

RoyJim: Grow as first as you can

MR: What challenges have you encountered?

RoyJim: Greatest challenge? Challenges are our stepping stone, so greatest challenge is lack of challenge.


MR: What’s the biggest business risk to your venture?

RoyJim: Biggest risk is directors earn a cent only a day.

MR: How are you monitoring customers needs? If yes, have you made changes based on their feedback?

RoyJim: We stopped developing software, we gave customers the compiler to author whatever software they want.

MR: What’s your exit strategy? Do you plan to go public/sell the technology your are developing?

RoyJim: To be Billionaries

MR: What can you advice upcoming start-ups?

RoyJim: To get started.

To download the app, click on Google Play Store



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