BREAKING!!!: Gospel Artist Willy Paul’s Mother is Missing


Sadness and sorrow yesterday 24th March 24, 2015 spread after the award winning artist, Willy Paul’s mother went missing. The young man is now in a confused state since according to his songs his mother is a very important person behind his success. It is recently that he released a hit single song ‘Mamangu’ as a dedication to his loving and caring mum who has always been there for him.

Yesterday he posted on his face book page about this depressing incidence requesting for assistance from any person who can help trace his mother back. The queen mum has been suffering from depression and memory loss for the last 15 years. In the evening, she left to Kariobangi where she was supposed to attend a ‘Chama’ but it is reported she didn’t reach the place. WILLYPAUL AND HIS MUMA confirmed report indicates that after learning about this, Willy Paul decided to report the matter to the police for investigation to kick off. He also shared the emotional post via his Facebook page appealing to his friends and any willing person to help him trace his mother.

This is the post he shared on Facebook after discovering his mothers disappearance;

“Please! please! please!.. help me find my mother.. she’s been sick and today she left to go for ‘Chama’ alone in her condition…. since she left, we’ve not heard a word from her… and her phone is offline.. she left wearing black rubbers, white long skirt, black blouse and a ‘leso’… please help me Find my mother.. She’s all I have”

The message was so much emotional to both his fans and foes alike. Most offered prayers while others shared the post as a way of helping out in spreading the word. It is still not yet clear if Willy Paul has established the whereabouts of his mother.



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