BREAKING: Here is the Details of the Fourth Person Diagnosed with Coronavirus in Kenya today

Coronavirus, Oguna, Uhuru Kenyatta

Kenya’s coronavirus cases is continuing to grow as another case has been confirmed. Speaking to the Media at Afya house today, Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe noted that the patient had travelled from London into the country on 8th March 2020. Yesterday, the President noted that two other cases had been confirmed as a result of their contact with the first patient christened as Patient Zero.

The patient was diagnosed in one of private facilities of isolation.

The CS has also noted that the country will see more strict measures as the menace is being contained. He said that as had been directed by the President, all employees should be allowed by companies and agencies to stay at home and work from home.

He also noted that Diplomats have been given a chance by the Kenyan government to have their children travel to stay with them within the country.

Kagwe said that the government predicts alot more cases in the coming days and that citizens should remain vigilant. He said that people should keep off from shaking hands and adopt the Indian culture of simply nodding in acknowledgement that they have seen the other person.

He directed supermarkets to maintain the highest level of cleanliness and sanitation and that any including hotels and restaurants who shall have defied the order will be closed down.

He urged members of the public to utilize the toll free numbers that have already been given. Kenyans can reach out to the emergency response team via a number 719. This is a toll free number and doesn’t charge any cent. Kagwe said that many have called him from Huruma Nairobi and Mkurwueni Nairobi informing him of persons allegedly sneezing and looking sickly.

Answering a question from the media, the CS said that every Kenyan is suspected of Coronavirus because already they might be exposed. He said that about 36 people have been exposed and are under quarantine.

He said that the first 15 people who were quarantined, only 3 are still awaiting results but others turned out negative and have been left to go home and self quarantine. He predicted a total shut down should there be cases of children being exposed as a result of closure of schools.

He advised Kenyans to use the normal soap to wash hands and ignore the sanitizers in order to force businesses to bring their prices down. Various supermarkets had taken advantage of the situation and artificially increased the demand thereby increasing the prices.



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