‘Building the Nation’ with My Degree


I finally happen to do this work in the sector of ujenzi wa taifa. Having said I can never do such kind of work in life, please spare me the ‘how did it happen’ question because I too, don’t know. But you see, getting broke has never been something one can call fun though this job description is equally not!

This is the easiest job to get in this world unlike the office jobs which apart from the university degree, you need another Bachelor’s degree with experience in good luck and connections.

I got to the site of work on time and, for a new comer, you must be tested for your eligibility to deliver in this exercise. So if you are new, expect yourself in a large lorry handling stones almost the size of a Probox. This is where I got myself!

I was introduced to two basic rules which I never knew. One is the Newton’s First Law of Motion which state that a moving body stays in motion unless an external force acts otherwise. Here too, you must stay in a state of motion until the fundi decides otherwise. You must be seen working even when you are not allocated any duty. This is where you are thrown out if creativity fails to get in. Those boys gave me a hint. Arrange some stones, rearrange them, arrange them again, rearrange, and continue with the system until you are relocated. Come some minutes later you will find everyone else has imitated what you innovated. I suggest you go to a court of law because that is plagiarism. Ha-ha.

Two, never come to the site hungry! If you do, please don’t forget to carry your NHIF card because the least you should expect is waking up in ward 6 next to mortuary, if not in the mortuary itself, but let’s not argue on obvious things because, literally, you came to commit suicide. I don’t see how you can miss a meal in a place where people compete with the State Defense forces in eating.

buildingYou are an intellect here but please, be like a Luo, don’t say it. I hear Luos don’t say their developments. Those fellows don’t expect a degree holder to be a colleague, so when they know you are, they will wonder, if it is not a movie that you are shooting, then they would like to know the brand of drugs you are abusing.

There is also this girl who is in her attachment at this site doing certificate in computer applications. This is a big company, with several departments but working together for a common objective. This makes the girl monitor issues that are not computer related like monitoring me has become her new profession. She knows am tricky, therefore she follows every step I make to make sure my life is difficult in this ecosystem. She still doesn’t know yet that I scored an A plain in physics, the most difficult subject she knows in the field of education, yet she scored a C minus in CRE, the subject she still insists was her stronghold. Whenever she forgets my name she just calls me like we mjinga and I do respond like it is my surname. Just keeping the Luo swag…

I want to leave this place and I hope I have made enough story to tell my kids and my wife when we will be riding in a Subaru Forester, my dream car, to the world’s latest Nation, Mombasa, unless the MRC are not serious. I hope this shall not come to happen anyway.

But in as much as this kind of work is the most disgraced in this side of the Sahara, never should you forget that the beautiful bungalow which played a major role in you falling for your current boyfriend made by us.

Don’t forget that KICC building, the background of your favorite Facebook profile picture and Times towers, the tallest building in east and central Africa involved a hardworking me carry a stone large than your body weight all the way from ground floor to the 27th floor.

Never also forget Burd Khalifa – Dubai, the largest building in the world, which you spend a half a day-and other stories- in the lift to get to the highest point, was because of me.


Meanwhile I have graduated from ǀthe.campus.streetboyǀ to ǀthe.public.streetboyǀ



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