BUNDESLIGA is Back! Book this Betslip and Win up to 50K in any Betting Site Today

Football, Bundesliga

Still waiting for major leagues to be back? Good news, you are late, Bundesliga is resuming in a few hours and you must be part of the audience. Another great news! English Premier League will be back in two weeks, same to Italy’s Serie A. The world is opening up and the world of sports is nourishing again.

The best part of the game for Kenyans is, SportPesa might be back before end of June this year. This means that Betting will mean winning due to the variety of games being listed. Yes, no more Simulated Reality Leagues (SRL), Ronaldo, Messi, Aguero and so many players are back on the pitch.

Whereas it is not a one all better thing if SportPesa is not back yet but it would be if we had a variety of betting platforms to choose from and compare odds. It is still better since there is more than 20 betting companies allowed to operate in Kenya. For those from Tanzania, you can be able to place your bets on SportPesa since it functions pretty well. Indeed, we are managing so many people’s accounts in SportPesa TZ and they are making good money each week. You can join as well.

Today, there are a number of games to be played in the Bundesliga. Great teams such as Leipzig and Dortmund will today show what they have been doing in their individual training camps. We know who will win and how many goals will be scored in each match. We have compiled this in a slip that going to be distributed via SMS to all our subscribers. You can subscribe as well. The matches start at 4.30PM but we also have another slip that starts at 7PM and another at 9PM. The slip costs 250 shillings a day, 1000 shillings a week and 3500 shillings a month.

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How can you join our list of subscribers and win up to 50,000 shillings today with our more than 100 odds tips?

Well, Pick a plan from the following;

  1. Daily Plan

Offers 15 odds each day at a price of 250 shillings

2. Weekly Plan

Offers 15 odds each day for 7 days at a price of 1000 shillings

3. Monthly Plan

Offers 15 odds each day for 30 days and also gives weekly running bets of 50 odds. You’ll also get Jackpot combinations each week at a price of 3500 shillings.

4. Account Management Plan

Our professionals will manage your account for either a week or a month making you an assured/guaranteed profit of 1,500 shillings each day.

The weekly management plan costs a service fee of 2000 shillings and Monthly plan costs 6000 shillings.

Here is what you must do to benefit.

  • Pay via MPESA either 2,000 or 6,000 shillings to¬†0792862269.
  • Deposit 1000 shillings into your Betting account in any betting site
  • Send via SMS to 0758271865 your Betting site name, username and Password.

We shall immediately acknowledge receipt and shall begin making you profit in the next minute.

Kindly note that PAYMENT for TIPSTER services that we offer is MADE VIA MPESA to 0792862269. We have no affiliations whatsoever to any betting site operating in the country.



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