CAMPUS EXPERIENCES; How a Female Comrade Robbed Me


Am not out to tarnish the whole breed in the female docket lest I be a victim of the unforgiving wrath of Maendeleo ya Wanawake movement.I so much adore and appreciate both the positive and negative contribution they register to the cruel planet-Earth!

Much credit always favours the wise women(no pun intended).The kind who knows the sole reason why they were created out of a man’s rib.Forget the cliche ‘What a man can do a woman can do better’.They defy the stinging words engraved in this adage old cliche for they strong rally behind their male counterparts at all fours.Long live wise ladies!

But my partner in crime-a one Joginder Apat-strongly supports the cliche.In fact he models it his own way-what a man can do a woman can do best!Am shocked by his sentiment so am compelled to delve deeper into his antagonizing view.Being a student of Political Science and a one time student leader at one of the leading universities at our tow,I listen to his gut-wrenching narrative as we sip dry shots of his favourite Johnie Walker.

COMRADEArmed with the curiosity of a cat,I slowly absorb his words.Three months earlier, he had gone out to cool his rather dusty heels at a popular joint in town.Being a man who often ooze a high sense of fashion and awarf -winning pickup lines,he was approached by a young lady.Probably in her early 20s and a student at one of the City Campuses of a popular university, they hit the ground running over a heated conversation.As a gentleman who normally boasts of treating ladies the best,he had her served her best tequila.

In the process,a unique chemistry developed.Joginder,a tall lanky lad,unapologetically admits that he had the best conversation ever with a lady whom she describes in his own words “A tall light-skinned curved lady with the best wits I have ever came across.Naturally appreciates humour and smiles responsibly”As I made attempts to digest his statement,he continues in a strong conviction that he had knocked on the right door-a damsel meant for a true scholar!

I still curiously wait for the justification of his self improved cliche.They later dance and at half past midnight,they take a cab to Joginder’s place-a rented SQ at Fedha Estate.The one bedroom cottage (sic) blends well with a man his stature.I am made to believe that the lady is a good candidate for the bedroom theatrics.As they get into each other amidst the shots of whiskey Joginder keeps in his cottage,he makes to the toiletries and comes back for one last gulp before calling it a night.

As he unconsciously wakes up the next day at a few seconds past noon,he is treated to the shock of his life.A half-empty room is right ahead of him.The chauvinistic lady had made away with most of his valuables-electronics and funnily enough,his priced whiskey!

Our dear beautiful ladies have perfected the art of robbery through a chemical substance christened “mchele”.As my host painfully recalls his newly acquired Mac Book and several other valuables,his attempts to locate the lady has proved futile.He has since lost trust in strange campus dudettes who wiggle their assets off in order to entice men-targets of robbery.

Where did feminism loose meaning?Am just a mere mam of the bottles,I can’t tell.Have a safe weekend,won’t you?



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