Campus Ladies, Here is Why Most of You Will Never Get a Husband


The streets, two things are lacking out here, good leadership and hi love, tell me that there is true love among this Pizza and skate generation when we still bribe each other in the name of Marriage.You meet a lady and the first question is “Where do you work or whats your income” before you realize, her parents are re-structuring the question “Now that you want to marry our daughter, how will you feed her”, not “How will you feed each other”.

Tell me why people still claim to be in love when Bernard Kibet is still playing and getting played, When people like Me expect to draw some next door lessons on how to keep a lady longer in my corner and what I see is war twisted differently every day. Who the hell do we think we are? , I don’t know about you but am aware that whichever place you are, ether you are aligned to Moses Kuria or Ken Obura, we have all fallen short of glory before Man and God. Who are we? I wonder who suggested that the real measure of Love be tied up to Capital.

Son of man was betrayed by Ksh30,that must been good cash back then, could be, it can be compared with the current Kabuga-Waiguru NYS cash. Judas must have been planning to come to Kenya for a vacation. Picture Judas in Kenya, bribing the airport officials to allow him walk his many goats and sheep next to the planes.

Later in the evening being hosted on the Trend by One Madowo who Kenyans on Twitter recently attacked with Yellow Journalism claims. Temporarily turning to wives, all the ladies in the streets including Sidika and that other one.

Picture ladies flocking Judas just because he has cash, then suddenly the money is finished and Judas is deported unceremoniously to whichever place. Our ladies here remain wandering in the streets for another Judas and wondering why Men with the bucks cannot just pull a marriage proposal joke at them.

I know you are probably reading this and you are light-skin lady who has found herself between Instagram and Snapchat. You have been forced by the society to believe that you are only beautiful after spending about two hours working on that Make-up ,boosting that hip and all sort of cosmetics. The Friday out nature is deep inside you and you flirt like a chicken or a rabbit, all these in good faith because somehow you believe that when you are 25 and you want to get married (Not in the case of ladies like Nataly Stayce, I don’t even think she will be married anytime).

You will get a rich Man and so you keep on telling your fellow socialites that you will only marry he who proposes to you with a Lamborghini or a Mercedes Benz. Girl,What do you have? A wig, big butt or a fake accent. Or is it Long nails? We have seen all that before so you better get ready to marry yourself.

Let me talk to that dark-skin lady  who now squeezes herself inside booty shorts and crop-tops. We have seen your tummy and it’s not pleasing. You aren’t getting beautiful girl, get some lessons on how to rock that booty short from Vanessa Mdee and stop exposing your skin to too much sun, nobody ever got hot following that path. Whatever you do and say, you expect these men who are also kind of confused to Marry you, truth is we men are ready to marry a lady who is not financially stable but not even one of these ladies in this generation can stand up and agree to marry a man who has no bucks.

Bottom line, no more Love, Just Flings, Cash, Peer Pressure, Frustration and curiosity. I mean ever since Jerome broke up with Carol, I’ve never seen another True Love Out Here. Sheji almost got it though before things came down.

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