Campus Media: Why We Need It

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By Enoch Tonui

James Murdoch the Chairman and CEO of News Corporation once said that information is the most valuable commodity in the world today and that the business of information is about giving people access to information that is relevant to their lives. What is important to note is that the most effective avenue in which information can be created and shared is the media. Media being pervasive means that it is able to reach millions with its message and the effects of the messages propagated either in print or electronic media has implications on the target audience.
That said, our universities should encourage vibrant forms of media within their confines. Media that can be adopted in campuses include the print which comprises magazines and newspapers and electronic which could be in the form of TV (this seems farfetched bud I dare say that it is practicable!), radio and online magazines, newspapers as well as radio streaming.
Not only will the media in the campus setting serve the informational role but also will provide a means of entertainment to the entire university community. This could be through music that through research has been determined to appeal to the listeners, captivating presentation and airing of relevant programs. From the TV angle, programs that are educative, entertaining and bent on inculcating the globalization agenda into the minds its audience should be broadcasted. Magazines and newspapers serve to create interesting pieces relating to the students and the general activities in the university.
What I know for sure is that stories in magazines stimulate debate on topics it has covered. For instance the, newly introduced Magazine Reel which serves Egerton University is a good example. Magazine Reel, which is in a class of its own, deals in a broad array of issues. Its topics range from politics, entertainment, and news to technology. These are sure recipes for the ignition of vibrant discussions as well as providing a means of escapism. All said and done, the media in campus should focus on one central theme and that is professionalism.
What lacks in most university radio stations and other forms of media is the professional approach in terms of presentation and content. It should be clear to all and sundry that poor presentation in terms of topics, language, choice of music and so on is a turn off.
Furthermore, university media serve to project its employees who could be writers, radio and TV hosts to national limelight where they may be spotted. This may in turn enable them secure more rewarding jobs outside of the university media. An issue of concern is the lack of remuneration of those working for several campus media. These individuals have invested their time, energy aid in some instances money and they should be reasonably compensated.
Of course, media in any situation serves to bring its audience up to speed on important matters and for this reason campus media is invaluable when it comes to dispensation of relevant information. Communication from the administration to the students and vice versa can be effectively done through university media.
As we have seen, media in the university situation is very important and thus resources should be availed to advance it. Investors in the business arenas should consider it when it comes to media selection for advertising as the audience in the universities and its environs is huge. Several media platforms should be available within the university but their functions should remain relevant to its audience.

The Writer is a Final year Communication and Media student at Egerton University.




  1. i do appreciate what mr tonui argues about empowering young people through the campus media as most student lack proffesionalism interms of the language use and the presentation of ideas and content . information is a vital tool which can either bring people together or disintergate them by how a person present an ideas to the public

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