Campus Politics Part II


There is a Nigerian proverb which says; “bad news always spreads faster like wild fire than good news”. I couldn’t agree more with it after realizing that the news of our failed merger was in the public domain a day after our meeting. This precipitated a bevy of political activities in the campus and in the long run, we managed to merge with GEMA while the students from the lakeside managed to merge with the Kalenjins. The battle lines were now officially drawn.
In the chairman’s race, of which the mother of all battles was expected, featured the two prominent student leaders from Western and Nyanza. It was a sad reality that there wasn’t a female candidate in this category who would have otherwise brought the feminine touch to this game. From the initial political analysis, our guy from western was in the lead due to the “tyranny of numbers” we enjoyed. I rubbed my hands with glee while anticipating to see former friends squaring it out at the ballot box.
politicsOne day before the campaigns were officially launched, we held a meeting with our team members and distributed tasks to be handled during the campaigns. I was given the task of distributing and hanging campaign posters of our guy throughout the campus. Since we wanted to run a clean campaign, we were advised by the leaders of our team not to bribe, intimidate, pull down our opponent’s posters or use propaganda. Our strategy send chills down our opponents spines and they pressed the panic button.
When the campaigns were officially launched, the race was perfectly on and it was time for smart students to scheme their way into the upper echelons of power. It was now upon them to ‘cheat, dissemble, feign, fight and advance their cause in the modern world’. Our campaign trail started from Maringo Hostels heading towards the graduation square. We were going to listen to the speech of our aspiring chairman. The billboards and trees were awash with our posters as more students joined our bandwagon towards the graduation square. Little did we know that our opponents had laid an ambush for us some few meters from the venue.
All over a sudden, as we approached the venue while singing and dancing, we saw our opponents advancing towards us with stones in their hands. A scuffle ensued, and since we were caught off guard, we had to retreat. We lost our posters and banners to the goons. We were later prevented from stepping into the graduation square and our aspiring chairman never had the opportunity to address his supporters. It was time for us to re strategize and drop the strategy of playing clean in the campaigns. We had to hire and arm goons who would respond to our opponents when we were attacked.
Tables were turned on the second day of the campaigns. We literally took control of the graduation square with our hired goons strategically positioned to prevent our opponents from getting in. this strategy got our opponents off balance since they thought that they would repeat what they did on the first day. When they threatened to get in by force, I was shocked to see the goons flash pangas in the air to scare our opponents. This was risky since it was enough evidence for our guy to be disqualified. I don’t know where they got the pangas, but we had a field day after our strategy worked.
As fate would have it, our campaigns were characterized by intimidation and propaganda. It was clear that our opponents were fighting a losing battle, but their confidence amazed me. Despite being the underdogs, they soldiered on with their propaganda war, painting our guy as the Admin puppet. This was because our team had the financial muscle to flex and they couldn’t decipher how our team could consolidate such huge financial resources without external backing. As the Election Day drew near, there were more physical confrontations and most leaders in our team ended up not spending nights in their rooms due to security reasons. Who ended up winning the election? Find out the answer in the third and final part of this article.



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