Can Long Distance Relationships Work? Real Life Experiences Shared

Distance relationships

A hint to the gents, most parents advocate for, insist and prefer their ladies getting their future husbands from the campus. It’s a proven fact! Men have options of marrying from either colleges and other TIVETS. Logically, ladies need not to marry low. Reason? You can guess what women are like when given power.

Most comrades get their first love in high school. There is something tantalizing about first loves. They are in your heart to stay. Some end up walking down the aisle, matches made in heaven! Others take a nosedive if one party joins campus or college as the other rots in the village. They can also join different campuses, worlds apart.

Distance relationshipsOne of my buddies had a quite similar case with his first relationship. They were both in the fling for the first time. It started during the festive holiday after completion of form one. The guy had put his best foot forward and after two years won her over. It was a perfect relationship admired by many of his peers. They got down to each other after completion of high school. Who possesses such patience?

Now the defunct JAB did them no mercy as the dude went to Maseno University Main Campus and the girl went on an almost opposite Chuka University. Even though their relationship had started having loopholes, the distance between them propagated its death. It finally hit a rock bottom barely a semester into the first year. Being the wing man, efforts to resuscitate it bore no fruits. The dude later hooked up a course mate! Someone within his reach.

I recently had a chat with a group of comrades from University of Nairobi Lower Kabete Campus on the possibility of a long distance in campus relationship bearing fruits. Their divergent opinions tells it all. In the first school of thought, comrades argued that it can actually work. A lady opined that if both parties know why they got into the relationship, no setback or barrier can let it end. The second school of thought argued that a relationship thrives on the basis of chances. Both parties can afford to travel to each others place of residence at least once in a month and lots of online meetings, the fire can never burn low. Issues of financial ability came on set. The third and most popular mindset was negative about the success of a long distance relationship.

With the reality of campus sexcapades, a long distance relationship can never be a success to most students. Let alone temptation, sexual starvation is no man’s cup of tea. Just like the proverbial out of sight out of mind, the possibility of a long distance relationship working is very thin. Look for a within reach affair and Voila! Drink to that.

Share your long distance relationship experiences in the comment box below. Can it work?



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