Can you Become a Millionaire by Betting on Football Matches


We all love having money in our pockets and bank accounts and the thought of financial freedom makes people work more. People all over the world have been looking for the best formula to make more money in addition to the job they have which is not paying enough.

The need to be financially secure and not worry has made people look for new ways as the salary they earn is not enough. Betting is now one of the most sort after ways to become financially stable with people punting on a daily basis in order to win money.

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The betting industry is now a big industry because of the adoption by people all over the world and the rate at which people bet. Most find it not as easy as simply punting on a match event and hoping you’re lucky but that it requires a lot of work on the part of the bettor.

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With the right strategy being implemented by bettors some are successful while others have run themselves aground doing the wrong thing and not looking in the proper places to stop the loss.

Betting won’t make everyone as happy as they want but in response to the topic of this text, yes it is possible to become a millionaire through betting. It requires lots of practice, know-how and the right implementation of strategies while also being in control of one’s emotions at all time. There are many punters who became millionaires overnight by betting on match events and anyone can be that next person. In order for this to become a reality, there are two popular betting types that must be contemplated as the route to being a millionaire. We list a few of them and explain them below

Accumulator or Multibets

This means is faster for bettors who like to take a risk with high odds and small stakes. The probability of becoming a millionaire with this method is dependent on your football knowledge and how well you can predict the outcome of football matches. This is because of the likelihood of winning a bet slip decreases with every match that is added to any bet slip. For the most part, many of the bet slips by punters looking for the big bucks combine more than ten matches. It is possible to make money from this ( with several examples known worldwide) but hard and certainly frustrating for many punters during the process.

A slip should not contain more than 5 matches at a go. The upper limit should always be close to three as possible. Tips sites also show that it works to have a few matches on your slip. For instance, sites giving more than 5 games in a slip always register huge losses each day. And sites such as Sahihi Bet which offer 4-5 games worth 20 odds at a time usually register winnings since their risks are not as high as it would have been.

It is even better if you know how to identify sure combo bets or Half-time/Full time types of bets. Having such in your slip boosts your odds hence helps you tone down on picking and having so many games predicted on your multibet slip.

If you can’t do this on your own then seek some help from Sahihi Bet who can even manage your betting account and make you a profit of 1,500 shillings each day. They can as well give you their well researched, highly voted to win slip with 20 odds each day but at a cost. Make a decision and subscribe to either their Daily Plan at a cost of 500 shillings or Weekly which runs for 7 days at a cost of 2,500 shillings.

Need them to manage your account for a week? Pay 2,000 shillings as service fee and deposit 1000 shillings into your betting account and let them take over and make you money from betting.

Single betting strategy

This system involves betting on a single match event at any given time. This process requires patience because it takes time but the reward is worth it in the end. Another reason while this method is the best is because of the fact that it reduces your chances of losing your starting capital.

It is less risky and more productive for bettors over a longer period of time and basically increases your knowledge when you do choose to string a couple of matches together from time to time. Becoming a millionaire with this method takes a lot of time but it is impossible if the right approach and practices are utilised.

You can even shorten such a period if you can go for Sahihi Bet’s Rollover Plan which only offers a match a day and helps you manage your stake properly each day. The Rollover plan as offered by Sahihi is highly rated and rarely fails since the match given is usually poised to win either way. Join this plan and start building your cash to a million shillings from today. It costs 2299 shillings a week and 8,000 shillings a month.

Need to subscribe for any plan above? Pay via the below process. The slip will be sent to you via SMS immediately upon pay via SMS. You can as well get in touch via SMS or calls to 0758271865.

  1. Go to MPESA
  2. Select Lipa na MPESA
  3. Click Buy goods and Services
  4. Enter Till as 5266471
  5. Amount as per Plan needed: 500 for a day, 2500 for a week, 2000 for account management or 2299 for Rollover.
  6. Enter MPESA pin and send

You can as well order for 3 sure Mega Jackpot Combinations bound to win bonuses this Weekend at a cost of 750 shillings. Make payments via the above process.



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