Cheating: Men Ought To Be Forgiven, But Not The Ladies

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It is often said: “A Man needs just a place, while a Lady needs a reason to make out.” I guess that’s why they say “Men Are Dogs.”
Yah! all that is true to some extent. And it’s for that reason that men ought not to be blamed for cheating. Ladies on the other hand, are said to have a Sixth sense. They do see beyond the love-making. All their moves are well thought out. And its for that reason that I think a cheating lady deserves no forgiveness.

Personally, I do believe in the “We should all be treated equally” philosophy. But then again, just as men are dogs and ladies aren’t; there is always a room for double standards in our society. Hey! remember when you were told that having sex is bad manners? but then again adults had permission to do it.

Back to my point, men and women do not think alike, while men are carried away by the moment, women plan for the moment.
While guys put all their brain on the act, ladies give it part of their brain during the sexual intercourse, which leaves them with the other portion to think things out and maybe prevent themselves from cheating. But they simply choose not to stop.

A Guy can have sex when seduced by his gorgeous secretary even when he had no plans of cheating. This is not the case with the ladies. A lady, unless drunk, only gives it to a guy when she has fully thought of the action and its consequences. Meaning that when she gives it out, she knows what she’s doing. Unlike a guy who only becomes conscious of what he has just done after cumming. This makes all the difference. In fact, this makes the men’s situation more of an involuntary action unlike with the ladies who intentionally go on with the cheating.

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Again, a man is the provider to the family while the woman is seen as the uniter and binder of the family. So, if the binder/glue becomes loose or worn out due to excessive usage, it ought to be replaced with a more efficient one. When it comes to the provider, his duty is to provide for the family. and as long as he accomplishes his manly duties, the rest is nothing to worry about. Oops! I really tried my best not to sound biased.

For my religious friends, The Holy Bible doesn’t tolerate an adulterous woman. That’s not the case with men. Generally, a cheating woman deserves nothing but divorce; For it’s the values of the woman that makes the marriage count. This is just but an opinion of mine. Your opinion and take on this issue is always welcome.



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