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The Career and Entrepreneurship event will be in Kilimo Hall.

Most of us have been in Egerton University for some time depending on your year of study. Some of us have been here for two years and some like the engineers for up to 5 years.Depending on the much time we have been in this institution we are all aware of the developments that take place in the school from time to time.

As an environmentalist, some of the things around the school that are likely to interest me are things such as presence of litter bins around the school and the number of trees in the school compound which is something the school has done leaving no room for complaints on that section.

Depending on whatever course we are taking within the institution, different things will attract our attention. However, there are some things within our school compound that no matter if you are student or staff you are likely to notice. I took my time to walk around the school and I realized that the resources available in this word class university are wanting.

From the structure of the main gate of the school it is justified to say that even primary school kids can jump over
this gate let alone the Al shabaab in case of any attack on our school. Though it is well guarded nowadays, we still would not want to imagine what would happen to the security state of our school in event of any pressure on the guards at the gate because even without needing to open it, the attackers could just jump over the gate and they would be in the school.

Another thing is the condition of the lights along the school entrance. Most of these bulbs are not functional, a
factor that makes it insecure for students to walk on that road in the late hours due to the poorly lit road which makes it so dark and the only time light flashes is when a car is passing by. This world class university can do
better than that. Such a thing is a great cause of insecurity in the school considering any other paths used by the students during the evenings whose bulbs stopped functioning long ago and were never replaced.

It is such that creates favourable conditions for rapists within the school endangering our lives making us walk in fear around the school. We are in a rainy season and everyone is aware of that. Most of the time we walk out of our houses or hostels without anticipating rain and so we go without umbrellas or pullovers and at a point during the day it gets cold all of a sudden and rain pours.

It is very unfortunate to find yourself get rained on while walking from the school gate towards the administration or
kilimo for there is nowhere you can find a place to shelter yourself. It could have been better if at least there were
some several roofed stands with benches along that road for even if rain was to catch up with you, you could find shelter at least until the rain passes.

Probably, the university does not find it necessary since there are taxis outside the school gate but not everyone can afford and even for them that can afford sometimes one just wants to walk to school. This would really do all of us a favour.

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