Chinese Nationals Lock out University of Nairobi Students from Lecture Halls

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The University of Nairobi through the director of corporate affairs has refuted allegations that two floors at the UoN Towers had been acquired by China, terming Dr Bosire’s sentiments as personal and ill-motived.

“The Confucius Institute at the University of Nairobi is not a property of the People’s Republic of China. The attached video by Dr. Bosire is misleading and ill-intentioned,” the statement by the director of corporate affairs read in part.

“His sentiments are personal and do not reflect the correct position,” it adds further stating that the students had been assigned a different lecture hall.

University of Nairobi Lecturer protests being locked out of lecturer room at the UoN towers on Wednesday, February 26, 2020.

A video of University of Nairobi students and a lecturer protesting against being locked out of a lecturer room at the Confucius Institute in the institutions UoN Towers had surfaced online on Wednesday, February 26.

In the video, the lecturer since identified only as Dr Richard Bosire stated that they had been barred from accessing a room at the University of Nairobi Towers by Chinese students.

“What we are protesting is the Chinese locking students out of the facility with their lecturer. We cannot allow it!” Bosire lamented.

The university informed the media that the university’s director of corporate affairs, John Korir, had responded to the disturbance to try and sort out the issue, with no further comment.

The entrance to the room from which the video of the protest was recorded from shows Chinese writings and decor on the walls.

The Chinese claim they bought two floors in this tower. The university has given them land, they constructed Confucius Institute headquarters along Arboretum Road, which is a huge facility, perhaps on two acres of land, yet they are closing us out,” Bosire alleged.

“Where do they want us to go? Do they want us to learn under trees? Is it Chinese colonialism? They have gone too far.

“The Indians built Gandhi wing, donated it to the university in the early 70s, Unesco built Education building gave it to the university, many institutions donate to this university but the Chinese have come to grab this University. It is not right!” He lamented.

The incident comes in the wake of another rather disturbing video of a man of Chinese descent caning a Kenyan waiter at the Chez Wou Restaurant in Kilimani, Nairobi.

The video elicited anger from members of the public who expressed disappointment at the manner with which the Chinese nationals in the country allegedly treated local employees. A Nairobi court has since ordered the deportation of the four suspects arrested at the restaurant.



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