Chuka University Bans Night Campaigns as Election Date Nighs

chuka university

Chuka University has banned night meetings during the ongoing campaigns for student leadership elections.

Speaking on Sunday during a prayer service with the students, Vice Chancellor Erastus Njoka said the campaigns should not be conducted after 6pm.

He warned that a disciplinary action will be taken against any aspirant or supporter violating the directive.

Prof Njoka said the regulations are meant to ensure that the campaigns run smoothly and warned local politicians against interfering with the elections.

“The students’ constitution is clear that campaigns should be conducted during the day,” said Prof Njoka.

He also warned that aspirants found using abusive or divisive language will be automatically disqualified.

“We need student leaders of integrity and people who advocate [for] peace and unity within and outside the university,” he said.

He noted that security agencies are on high alert to ensure that violence as was witnessed in the 2016 elections does not reoccur.

However, the ban on night campaigns has been rubbished by most of the aspirants who have maintained that it is the best time for campaigns as there are no classes.

“It is convenient to campaign at night when there are no classes and when all students are in their rooms,” said an aspirant who sought anonymity for fear of victimisation by the administration.

During the 2016 elections, irate students burnt university property including a bus as they protested against the announcement of Mr Harrison Maina as their president.

They claimed that the elections were marred with tribalism presided over by the university’s administration.




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