The Church Sermon: Morning Devotion


When God will come it will be an interview. The ultimate interview that you have to just pass or pass or pass. It has no other options. A slight mistake like entering the interview room with your phone switched on may leave you in an eternal sorry mode.

Your girlfriend may call to inquire and encourage you for the interview, then your ‘bend over’ ringtone rings and make things worse for you!! One thing about this song ‘Bend over’ is that it is regrettably the worst song ever recorded in the history of heaven and whoever created it will have nothing to smile about in the final judgment….

This session will have everyone to appear in person so forget the about video links and skype. Everyone here includes Bensouda and Eketerina Trendafilova. Ask Mheshimiwa Ruto who these people are. He knows them in person.

Remember this is not your cousin coming to reward or complement your new girlfriend. Prepare well, read your bible, you were probably given for free. Don’t wait until 2 hrs to his coming then enter the library to trans-night and trans-day reading the bible. You will not even cover the theory part of reading and also the practical part which entails doing what it says. Read your bible always and practice it.. When Jesus comes, that is what the interview will be all about.

You will have done something worth thanking yourself for.

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Someone say Amen…



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