College Girl to Sue Daily Nation Over Suicidal and Facebook ‘Lover’ Claims

Daily Nation

Story about a college girl who is said to have committed suicide after her Facebook born relationship went haywire is taking a new twist. This is after one of the ladies has come out claiming that both the name and the photo used as that of the deceased by a local publication belongs to her but the story is not right.

Daily Nation newspaper both the online and print version had indicated that the lady 19 years of age and named Mercy Bundi had been lured by a foreigner whose nationality is said to be from Germany into a hotel in Mombasa and severely assaulted. The publication authoritatively stated that the family of Miss Mercy had confirmed the above claims and even produced a suicidal note that she had allegedly left behind to inform her family of what had really happened.

“The day we met was the day my problems started. He was not the man I knew on Facebook,” Mercy allegedly said in her suicide note.

Now another lady who is equally a university student is fuming with anger that someone claims she has committed suicide. Mercy Josiah as she is known has updated her status via her social media accounts expressing her disappointments with Daily Nation and the said specific reporter who she says must have had some malice when coming up with the story.

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“The pic is mine and the details but the story is not mine”, Mercy told her online friends who had thronged to her page with messages of condolences.

“I was really shocked when I had and read about it, I had to confirm if it was true”, one of Mercy’s friends commented even after telling her to get hold of a good lawyer and sue the giant media house in East and Central Africa.

The said Mercy the media house reports was a student in one of the universities in Uganda and had attended Nyakach Girls High School in Kenya. Funnily, Mercy Josiah has also confirmed that indeed she is studying in Uganda and that she had attended the same secondary school. It is not very clear what her next step will be though all directions show an indication that she might sue the media house to attract a compensation.

Though very hard to prove, the law on libel is very clear and can have both the media house and the reporter handed a hefty fine.



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