Colours: How They Affect Your Brain Activities And Personality

Effects Of Colours pic
Effects Of Colours On You Brain

Besides colours being one of the things mentioned when describing one’s likes and dislikes, they do have a special effect on the brain. Colours have the power to alter your creativity, concentration, moods, stress levels and even heal.

This is one of the secrets I’ve kept for years. Apart from these colour effects being scientifically proven, I have personally tried them out for years and my curiosity did pay off. You see, just like each genre of music has a unique effect on the brain and personality, colours do have the same effect, but with even a greater magnitude. The reason you probably didn’t know about it up to now is because advertisers and psychologists don’t want you to learn the tricks they use to control you into buying whatever they have on the table.

Enough with the narrations. lemme give you a brief description of each colour and its effects on the brain:

1. Red

I chose to start with this colour since you come across it almost everywhere. Red colours are known for catching your attention. Whether you want to or not, you will find yourself staring at a lady in a red dress. Some of us even claim that red is a “Shouting colour”. Now you know why. Anyway, if you want a crowd to “give a damn” about you, this is the colour to go for. Not convinced yet? Then try figuring out why they use red on Traffic lights and places of danger. 🙂

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2. Green

They say this is the colour of life. I don’t know much about that life thing; what I know is that green increases your creativity and makes you restful. Yah! green colours have the ability to make you solve problems you never even knew existed. 🙂 Staring at such a colour comes in handy during exams. However, over-usage of green colours will bring you a feeling of boredom since great things are discovered during great boredom.

3. Blue.

This is a must-have colour for sure. Blue colours have the ability to calm you down. Staring at a blue colour will significantly reduce your anger, stress and sorrows. Paint one of your rooms blue; that is if you never get time to relax and stare at the ocean or the blue sky. It’s however good to note that stress will definitely affect your decision-making and responses  during your love-fights. Your lover may find you a bit insensitive to her emotions.

4. Yellow

This is another one of those “shouting colours” as I hear people say. Unlike blue which suppresses emotions, yellow colour stimulate emotions. Please keep off this colour if you have self-esteem issues. Yellow just “amplifies” your emotions. That is, if you have positive energy and expectations, it will boost your optimism but if all you have is negativity and self-esteem issues, then you will feel even more insecure by staring or dressing in yellow.

5. Black

This is another interesting colour that you come across almost daily. Staring at black will instill fear in you. However this fear is totally different from the attention-seeking-fear brought about by danger as in red colours.
Black colours makes one conscious of authority, at the same time bring the aspect of sophistication and strictness in achieving one’s targets. I guess that’s why black is one of the official dressing code colours in offices.

6. White

It is only fair if white follows black. Anyway, just like black colours, white will make you kinda shy away from approaching the person in it. White colours reflect all the light falling on them, hence making your eyes strain to keep up the eye contact. This reflection literally pushes away external energies and brings about the aspect of purity and great pride to the one dressed in white.(To those staring at him/her)

7. Orange

This is one of my new favourite colours whose interest-in only developed back in 2014 for reasons also not known to me. Anyway, orange is bound to make you crave for fun, foods, and other luxuries you can think of. It also arouses passion and appetite in other words. This is a colour to watch-out for. It also increases your sense of security and abilities which can land you in deep trouble if not cautious enough. Try it out anyway.

8. Pink Colours

A ‘feminine’ colour the call it. Pink is one colour that does wonders. It has the soothing power, and can easily make a man give in to demands. Pink colours also come in handy in a baby’s room. They will make your lullabies more effective. Back to that issue about making men give-in to a lady’s demands, please don’t use this as a way of getting things done siz. Read about Traps Not To Use To Keep A Man

9. Purple

This colour is capable of temporarily converting extroverts into introverts. Purple colours are therefore easily found in places where soul-searching and meditation is needed. No wonder most churches use purple coloured curtains. The things they never get to tell you. Anyway, you can always stare at purple when you want to ‘start afresh’. Dressing in purple also signifies commitment and truthfulness, but if done wrong can portray you out as cheap and desperately looking for someone to share your lif00ith.

10. Brown.

Brown is a combination of red, black and yellow. Brown colours have less impact on your brain. Even then, the little effect they have is like that of black colours, with the only difference being that brown instills less fear and more support instead.

I hope I didn’t leave out your favourite colour. Anyway, I wish you all the best when you experiment with the colours.




  1. Thanks Jastinah. You should try them out someday. Blue is definitely a great colour to kick off with; since depression is almost part of our daily-lives nowadays.

  2. […] I know you will find this hard to believe at first since you didn’t grow up hearing it, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not true. Blue colour has been found to reduce depression and set your moods right. Having some rest in a room painted blue or with a tinted-Blue light bulb will do. Try it out as you discover The effects of colours on your brain activities and personality […]

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