Comrades At Kisumu Polytechnic Kiss Blackout Goodbye


The comrades in Kisumu Polytechnic today woke up to an extraordinary equipment which will solve all their power problems.The generator  which was delivered yesterday evening was received with joy from the students. It is meant to serve the students and the entire institution during blackout.

The equipment is said to have been shipped from Japan and estimated to cost millions.The students led by their KIPOSA leaders appreciated the administration early in the morning when the Principal Mrs Nyanjom officially presented the equipment to them.One of the student leaders said the equipment will really serve them and there will be no more screaming during blackouts,it has put to an end the buying of candles.


The equipment just came right in time when the students are preparing for their KNEC examination thus the student will now relax and prepare for their examinations without worrying about blackouts.The problem of power was really a big challenge to the institution since the previous generator broke down. Furthermore it was not serving the whole school like the student’s hostel and some parts of the lecturer halls.


While the remaining part of the institution would remain in darkness including the staff quarters. The new generator is said to operate automatically:taking over immediately the electricity goes off unlike the previous one which would keep students in darkness before starting up.
The administration hopes the students will make use of the equipment which was a great sacrifice,to increase the hours spent on academics at night.
The equipment is also said it might also serve the staff quarters but it is yet to be confirmed.The security department led by Mr Opondo were also happy since the equipment will easy their work.  They used to have difficult time during blackouts as the guardsmen would rely on torches at night while watching over the institution.What a good way to start the week for the Kisumu Polytechnic students.



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