Comrades Do This If You Ever Want To Walk In a Vest


Most people find it too odd to carry stuff from the shop without a shopping bag and therefore must carry a paper bag preferably colour black . However, some do not have qualms doing exactly the opposite.

This is the same thing happening with vests. Although there are vests specifically designed for walking around in the public, majority, Moses Auma included, still finds it a taboo to do so, courtesy of personality difference. Anyway, walking with your torso half exposed is an embarrassing thing one will not want to do. It must take something special to do that and I will tell you what and how.

To brazenly move around in a vest is similar to carrying sukuma wiki and visible red tomatoes from Njokerio market to Ruenzori halls at Njoro based Egerton university or, for Maseno uni, from Nyawita or Mabungu centre to wherever you stay.

Want to freely walk in a vest? Get the certification first. Want the certification? Hit the gym and generate enough biceps and a protruding chest.

No sane gymnast will want to hide his muscles under a baggy shirt, they will want a clothing that makes it easier for them to sell whatever they have to the markets of condensation where they can get the readiest sympathy and assurance. This is achieved even if it means cutting out the sleeves of a polo shirt.

Walking in a vest is not an activity to be done by folks who have nothing to show for their masculinity other than a dangling appendage of their anatomy.

Lifting weights is one thing many people find enjoyable on campus. Besides, it is a good form of exercise but my comrades who hit the gym, must you walk in a vest even when going to church?

Would you stop wearing a facial expression that would send us hiding. We love the way you walk with sheer bravado. Heads raised up, hands spread out and swaggering from side to side like a robot. We always think you are preparing to take off the ground, making an announcement similar to the one made just before a plane flys ” Ladies and gentlemen the plane is leaving in twenty seconds time, fasten your seat belts and sit upright”

For anyone interested in walking in a vest, the secret is well given.



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