Comrades State of Affairs Worsen as Prices of Crucial Commodities Inflate


The last few weeks we have experienced inflation in the economy of our country with the prices of crucial basic commodities such as maize flour and sugar going up.

Well, comrades have had to automatically adapt to the current economic status of our country bearing in mind most of them are in session due to the lecturers’ strike that affected the academic calendar of many campuses.

Perhaps it would have a different story if the comrades were at home for their long holiday, eating “chapati” all the seven days of the week courtesy of their parents.

However, we all know life on campus won’t allow a comrade to cook chapati with cooking gas, stoves, and jikos it’s cheaper to buy one at Ksh 10 in the Campus cafeteria than incur the cost of cooking in the hostel.

The past one month comrades have come up with survival tactics to cub the current economic status of the country for instance drinking black tea better known as “strungi”, with the scarcity of milk which has resulted in the cheapest amount of milk going for Ksh 40, milk in tea will just be luxury for a comrade.Others have opted to porridge, for sure there is no other better option.

In the past, comrades used to hide while taking tea with ugali but the past one month comrades have been taking ugali with confidently as if taking bread as the price of maize flour is higher than that of bread. Others have woken up the posho mill man very early in the morning to make sure their ugali delicacy is taken in the morning.

Comrades will always be comrades, we the Mexican maize in the country many have made jokes and fun of the maize some saying they feel like Paloma and Alejandro (famous Mexican soap operas actors) after eating ugali from Mexican maize.

More is yet to unfold as comrades keep up with economic status of the country.Once a comrade always a comrade.




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