CONFESSION: Life Is Not What I Expected While Joining University


By Julius Njoroge

University is the best place to acquire knowledge and life experiences . Its one of socialization agent that shapes the way of someone’s life. Its believed that one not only needs books knowledge but also skills in life. In university I believe that the first year will determine the rest of one’s life in university.

I joined university a very innocent young man like any other person, very determined to learn and I was generated by pressure from my parents and my cousin who is a lecturer. Before I joined university they summoned me and everybody was there to give me different advice. Most of them had to say what they think and how they heard university is, this is because most had not gotten such an opportunity to join one.

UniversityMy parents would quote Biblical verses in order to ensure their son remain faithful to their words. At the end my dad gave me a Bible, he ordered me to swear before everyone presence .

“Promise when you join university you will never take drugs, involve in immorality, or forget the word of teaching of the word of God !” my dad commanded me. Though I was glad I was joining university, this ceremony had no place in my mind. It was not well with me as I thought that I was being relieved from their strictness. I wanted to join university most for this reason. I had always heard of freedom in university and now I found my parents too much on my way. I already have an ID , am I not an adult now? It was a question that had no answer .

I got in university ready to rebel and acquire my freedom forcefully . During the first weeks I tried to finding what I thought freedom but could find none. You have to attend classes more than 75% within a semester so you can sit for your exam. You should not be on other person’s hostel after 10pm to 10 am. Your marks for the first year counts , in your degree.

Couldn’t imagine losing my focus at all for such of freedom. After long in life there is nothing like freedom. For life always restrict us from what one need. If you get what its seems to be freedom you will have to lose another thing in your life, which may be so demanding to your life.

I therefore holds till to day my fathers words quoted from the bible, proverbs 4:4 …let your heart hold fast my words; keep my commandments, and live … Get wisdom and whatever you get, get insight.




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