Babu Owino Settles on Raila Odinga and Distances Self from President Uhuru Kenyatta

Babu, President Uhuru Kenyatta and Babu Owino SONU

Babu Owino’s involvement in Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD) anti IEBC demonstrations is said to have consolidated his support base within the constituency he is seeking to represent in Parliament come 2017.

The current SONU boss is among the favorites to be crowned Embakasi East MP come 2017 elections. The campus political guru and four times SONU chair has thrown his weight behind Raila Odinga as his favorite presidential candidate come 2017.

Close allies of Babu Owino and organizers of the rallies organized by the opposition coalition have confirmed that the young lad is being groomed to take over the much needed fight for reforms and democracy in this country.

In the recent past, Babu has been quoted trying to settle in a middle ground when it comes to issues bringing together CORD Leader Raila Odinga and President Uhuru Kenyatta. But over the past few weeks, the SONU chair has openly declared his support for the ODM leader vowing to ensure that he unseats President Uhuru Kenyatta and Jubilee in 2017 general elections.

The anti IEBC demos has so far been a major test in the political life of the four times SONU leader. Babu has penetrated the thick closet sorrounding Raila Odinga and he is now among the inner circle of the former prime minister’s virtual dynasty. In  one of the rallies held as a counter to Jubilee’s prayer rally in Nakuru county, Babu Owino took to the podium at Kibera grounds and skillfully punched President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Jubilee team.

Babu through an interview with one of the local media station referred to Raila Odinga as his political father and the only true leader that Kenya deserves. Talking to Citizen Digital and EDaily, Babu said that Raila Odinga could not be compared to the current crop of leaders. The young Babu has gone ahead to claim that Jubilee had sensed defeat come 2017 and are now using campus students to fight him on the ground and destabilize his moves. This he says has been done through the numerous protests that took place when he was announced as the winner of the SONU elections held in April this year.

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  1. Whether or not Owino will be EE M P is not known to me because elections in Kenya are hugely unpredictable. To reach the winning point is subject to many procedures with the main one being getting the party certification, which has always been marred by corruption and partiality. Babu’s increased strong connections to CORD and in particular ODM may easily land him the certification but then, you also have to take care if other contenders political might. Anyway I always wish well anyone who is out to make a difference, one who is wants to #GoOneStepBeyond

  2. Well,with the current leadership trends,Babu can make one of the best lawmakers in Kenya.He is battle hardened and will be a big asset for H.E. Raila,if he’ll be president,like he’ll be! The only worry is,Is this the very constituency currently represented by Hon. Sumra?If yes,then he has an uphill task,coz Sumra has grassroot network,and is equally vibrant,besides being prominent within inner ODM circles!

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