Dad Did Not Tell Me These Before Joining Campus


Allow me to reminisce a little, after all am two years old in the university: two experienced years. Just like your parents, my austere and sentimental dad took the all night prior to joining the campus advising-no warning-me on the kind of people I should avoid. But you will agree with me that just like my father, there are some core things our fathers and mothers forget to tell us and it’s because of my love to you that I have chosen to share them with you. Read also 3-essential-life-skills-everyone-must-know-before-joining-campus

First things first: Cops.My friend cops and students are number one enemies. Those who have been on the streets striking more often know that better. Dare you meet when drunk or coming into the campus late in the night and as always they ask “kishana wapi ID?’If you don’t have am sorry to say ‘utalala ndani’.mantain a 50M radius around a cop.

Police and university students do not see eye to eye
Students hurling stones at the police, the two parties do not see eye to eye

Sex: you were told not to indulge in it, impossibility. Get tested as often as possible. If you have not started then don’t be in hurry; once you start there is no turning back. Its habit formic. Condoms are supplied in our campuses because that is the only measure towards protection against STIs, not pills. Being faithful to one partner should not be relied on,’hapa ni campus’. Multiple partners unfortunately is the norm.

Weed: enter a room in campus hostel and first think you smell is marijuana; campus air. Once in a while you smoke. Ok,be my guest but please do not become a regular one. If God intended men to smoke, he would have put chimney in their heads.

Relationships: No one should lie to you not to engage in relationship. You already did that while you were in high school. If you’re lucky-or unlucky-enough to get a stable girlfriend or boyfriend who last more than two years, I’ll be happy to attend your wedding 2 or 3 years after graduation. Mingle mingle mingle is the word of the day.

And lastly, is too short to not have fun. We are only here for a short time unlike the sun and the moon. Dance the night away. Go out all week if you can. If you like parting go my friend, your dad is not watching you on CCTV.There is time to study towards end of them. Game over.




  1. Who the fuck writes these articles…….feels like they are cheaply copypasted from other sites…nkt

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