Date for 2015/2016 TUMSO General Elections

TUMso helb engineering students

The technical university of Mombasa students’ organization are expecting to have their elections for the new student body within this semester of January- April 2015.


But this may be will not be the case, the current executive have served for only two semesters other than the expected three semesters. This happened since three of the current executive including the President, Deputy President Academic and External Affairs and the secretary general were on expulsion last semester while the Entertainment secretary and the deputy president administration and finance were on suspension.


The leaders were reinstated this semester after a struggle between them and the university administration. Their reinstatement has caused debate amongst comrades in the coastal varsity as to whether they should serve a semester to cover for the period they were away, or they give way for elections of new leaders.


Magazine Reel was able to get views from some of the influential student politicians at the seaside varsity.


TUMSO ElectionsRonald Muma Pursuing, a degree in electrical engineering, said that there was no way one can serve in the student union body for two years while the institution has more than 10,000 people who are able and qualify to serve others.


He stressed the need of having elections held this semester as stated in the Current TUMSO constitution. Ronald Muma has declared interest in the TUMSO President’s docket.


Desmond Ocharo a gentleman who is known at the Technical University of Mombasa for his interest in championing for comrades rights says that elections should be held this semester and any plan to push elections forward will not be tolerated.


“Chapter 7 of the Tumso constitution article 38 on elections period is very clear that elections should be held between March 20th and April 5th,” said Ocharo.


Speaking to Magazine Reel the current TUMSO president Benmark Nganga put it clear that elections will be held in March and not any other date as speculations going around the University are reporting. But this has not been confirmed by the Elections Commission that is the only body responsible for any elections activity.



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