Day Two in the Diary of A Fresher


After waking up from their ‘dorms’- I think it will take them months to replace dormitories with hostels- and after a tough day in registration – they are calling this a tough registration. They did not line in the ICU to change the bank receipt to yellow receipt where you are the third person in the queue, you came at 6am then end up being served at 4.39pm. They did not find when the entire school could line for a single finance line, which could extend even for two kilometers. If the queuing system was there till now, with their numbers, someone would be standing at Gilgil on a finance line.

frshWith absolutely nothing to do, many freshers ways finding ways to kill time. While the enemies of education are going out to look for the cute chicks they had been hearing of and perhaps the ones who made them work hard to be in university, the academic die-hards are in the admin office-the only office they know so far- inquiring for directions to the library.

Meanwhile, Luhyas are busy looking for kitchenettes.

And Luos are busy looking for DSTV, analyzing the size of the screen, the HD, 3D dimensions and the best hotel in campus.

At the moment, all freshers know the mess as the coolest place to have their meals. The food is not dirty, until the continuing girls come to conduct laboratory experiments for them to show them how poor the food in the mess is. Am sure every fresher will know this as soon as the continuing girls come in.

Meanwhile, Teammafisi are sweating in B1 because of the congestion there. Seeing someone sweat in this weather is serious. Very serious. Most guys from next week, as usual, will go to Bs only to attend compulsory classes, not just any class.

These young brothers and sisters have very good revenue! Someone started saving in form three, to get money to enjoy life in campus. So in terms of revenue, hawabahatishi!

The battle of fame between Midways and Amazon pubs has just started. Midways seems to win but from experience, it will not stand the test of time. Am giving it hours before they return the customers to their owners – Amazon. Campus students are not meant for any pub you know.

Our good ladies, under 18 no ID, not even a waiting card! I know parents are worried of taking infants to campus especially in a country where people believe National IDs are brains. But parents’ instincts are always right. That is why am seeing you wake up in Buruburu, Kajiado hostels for the third day now when you haven’t even crammed the direction to your room.

Anyway, I don’t need to be so sick with these people, if I survived this, they will survive too.

So, enjoy your life guys as much as you can…




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