Dealing with Coronavirus Patient? Here is what a Clinical Nutritionist Must do in any Hospital

Coronavirus Patient
The country is still struggling to manage the Coronavirus which has now reached up to 7 people. It is now that it downs on some top government officials that health professionals are lying idle since they graduated from various Universities but have never been employed. The lot that has suffered the most are Nutritionists yet at the moment it is clearly being noted how critical they are in dealing with the COVID-19 menace.
Well, now is not the time to vent anger of unemployment; rather, it is a time to share what we learnt in order to help our colleagues who are on the frontline tackling this pandemic. To the medical teams around the world, below procedures are picked from certified handbooks including the most recently developed COVID-19 management medical handbook available in top online stores like
For the general public, ill be early enough in offering my apologies since most of you who are not medics will most likely fail to understand many terms and procedures listed below. Lets delve right into it Doctors, Pharmacists, Laboratory Technologists, Nutritionists, Social Workers and Nurses.
As has been reported in most cases across races and countries, COVID-19 patients have gastrointestinal symptoms such as abdominal pain and diarrhea due to direct viral infection of the intestinal mucosa or antiviral and anti-infective drugs.
There has been report that the intestinal microecological balance is broken in COVID-19 patients, manifesting a significant reduction of the intestinal probiotics such as lactobacillus and bifidobacterium.
Intestinal microecological imbalance may lead to bacterial translocation and secondary infection, so it is important to maintain the balance of intestinal microecology by microecological modulator and nutritional support.
Nutrition support is an important means to maintain intestinal microecological balance. But as you all are aware, intestinal nutrition support should be applied timely on the basis of effective evaluations of nutritional risks, gastroenteric functions, and aspiration risks.
The severe and critically ill COVID-19 patients who are in a state of severe stress are at high nutritional risks. Early evaluations of nutrition risk, gastrointestinal functions and
aspiration risks, and timely enteral nutritional support are important to the patient’s prognosis.
(1) Oral feeding is preferred.
The early intestinal nutrition can provide nutritional support, nourish intestines, improve intestinal mucosa I barrier and intestinal immunity, and maintain intestinal microecology.
(2) Enteral nutrition pathway.
Severe and critically ill patients often harbor acute gastrointestinal damages, manifested as abdominal distension, diarrhea, and gastroparesis.
For patients with tracheal intubation, intestinal nutrition tube indwelling is recommended for post-pyloric feeding.
(3) Selection of nutrient solution.
For patients with intestinal damage, predigested short peptide preparations, which are easy for intestinal absorption and utilization, are recommended.
For patients with good intestinal functions, whole-protein preparations with relatively high calories can be selected.
For hyperglycemia patients, nutritional preparations which are beneficial to glycemic controlling are recommended.
(4) Energy supply.
25-30 kcal per kg body weight, the target protein content is 1.2-2.0 g/kg daily.
(5) Means of nutritional supply.
Pump infusion of nutrients can be used at a uniform speed, starting with a low dosage and gradually increasing.
When possible, the nutrients can be heated before feeding to reduce intolerance.
(6) The elderly patients who are at high aspiration risks or patients with apparent abdominal distention can be supported by parenteral nutrition temporarily.
It can be gradually replaced by independent diet or enteral nutrition after their condition improves.
Kindly share this with each and everyone in the world to save a life a person at a time. Make sure that it reaches every medical practitioner including medical students who are yet to join fields of work.

This is my little way of fighting Coronavirus and ensuring its end in the World. We must overcome together.



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