Dear Ladies, Honor your Shopping List


There are essential things you can’t miss in life. Like, a Baby Class child can never miss a lunch box to school, and, for a high school girl, missing a yu simcard is as serious as missing her periods. Right?

Another thing you should never miss in life is, very important, a plan. Failing to plan can also be read backwards as planning to fail. But then, you can as well plan but still fail. As ladies do.

Making a shopping list is a plan, ladies.

“Honor you shopping list”. If this was part of the 10 commandments, then heaven could be a place reserved for men! All ladies would just be hell materials, courtesy of this commandment.

How does this happen? Like, you just realized you are lacking some crucial items in the house – not biscuits and chocolates as you think- then decide you urgently need to go and purchase them in the supermarket or kiosk, depending on where your bank account revenue balance directs you to. To ensure you don’t forget you write them down. Now you are in the supermarket/kiosk. You didn’t forget the list at home and I see you refer to it. So what went wrong?

shopping listI once happened to scavenge my cannabis infested red eyes into one of these ladies shopping breakdown and saw her shopping manifesto and she was looking at me as if to ask whether my cannabis supplier started delivering contaminated drugs!

It was a coincidence meeting her again at the counter (or was I stalking her? Whatever you think). And, guess what!! She just did perfectly like a politician. Nothing in her trolley appeared in the ‘manifesto.’ I kept thinking maybe she lost the list in the ever complicated streets of the supermarket, or maybe left her trolley somewhere then came back and mistakenly picked someone’s items-unknowingly.

I almost dared to ask her but you know that is very risky especially in a country where thousands of innocent citizens reside in jail for not minding their own business!

Dear ladies, what exactly is going on!  Can you imagine your huzzy Mpesa you the only 200bob he is remaining with to go and do some shopping, then come to the house with 4 body lotions when no cooking oil is in the house?

Did you see an advertisement anywhere telling you to cook chapatis with Aloe Vera or the new sensation that is Camay Oil?

| Public Streetboy|



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