Dear Mr President: This is How We can Get Money to Pay Teachers and End the Strikes Forever


Good morning  his excellency the President of the Republic Of Kenya,despite the visible pressure following the teachers strike,I hope you had a peaceful night. Having watched on television Yesternight but ones the state of the nation address you gave on the current stalemate in the education sector,i felt that its only fair that i bring to your attention some issues which perhaps are the bedrock of the current situation in our beloved nation Kenya.But first I want to appreciate all teachers out there,its because of them that you have grown up to a very eloquent and respected President in Africa and in the world at large. Holding my hands in class one back in Homabay primary school,i never Knew Mrs Okeyo was preparing me for such a daunting task in life.A toast to all Teachers!

Mr president once again the teachers are on strike and the students are at home,its been more than two weeks now ,you have openly stated that there is no cash to meet their demands,that might be true ,but Methinks there is more than enough money in Kenya to pay the hardworking teachers ,i will tell you where it is.

First its with the MP’s,you run the jubilee government,a government that from where i sit,has proved to be so bloated,that aside,we the people of Kenya dig deep into our pockets daily to pay the government so as normally can prevail,in your address you openly state that there is no money and so i ask.Where has the taxpayers money been going?

The Members of parliament earn roughly Ksh.800,000 per month,why don’t you consider reconstructing the government,its something that will get good reaction from the public because seemingly its now the only sure way of getting money from the Members of parliament and the corrupt county officials.

This is it, Lets have 9 counties, 213 MP’s, 9 senators, 0 MCAs, 0 Women Reps, 11 Cabinet secretaries .this way,we will save about Ksh10Billion .It was unwise to compare a Kenyan teacher to a Burundian Teacher sir,its like urging our teachers  to move to Burundi,Have you ever compared the salary of the members of parliament and other government officials to their fellows in other countries in East Africa? i know you have ,on many occasions,You know what am talking about.Your statement to some extend left the public more annoyed than before.Let the MP’s take a pay cut.

Second,we use 52% percent of our GDP on wages ,30% of the budget is not accounted for,each financial year a budget is read and the common Wananchi have to ensure its enough,sir ,you are a billionaire,openly saying that Ksh16,000 is enough for a P1 teachers is not only something i didn’t see coming from you but also a slap in the face of the taxpayer who works and pays his/her taxes daily .

There is need for a serious auditing to see where the taxpayers cash is being spent and how,but perhaps its because of devolution that all this corruption is happening ,unfortunately, its happening on your  tenure as a president under devolved .You went ahead and said ” We have removed the burden of exam fees from parents, making it possible for all our children to sit their Standard 8 and Form 4 exams without having to pay.

In 2013, only 8,104 of our primary schools were connected to electricity. To create social equity, and to improve the quality of education, my government has in the last two years connected an additional 14,251 primary schools, meaning that 95% of our primary schools are now connected. Indeed, in the next two months, the remaining 5% will be connected.” Sir whats the point of all these when teacher is frustrated ,whats the point of free examinations when annually we will be having teachers on the road? Whats the point of electricity in schools when there are no students in those classes?

Finally,you promised to take a 20% pay-cut,that was march 7th 2014,the same day you also said that other ministers will have their salaries decreased by 10%,you also urged the MP’s to accept pay-cut.As i do this,am not sure whether its promise you and your deputy has managed to fulfill or not,you openly stated that among your priority was to reduce Kenya’s ballooning public sector wage bill ,its all about getting our priorities right ,Lets keep to our promises,lets keep the Condoms away from our kids,lets give them  roof to study before thinking of laptops.

If only we set our strategies right as a nation,with our leaders in the front-line,Kenya would be a force within the entire African continent.I finish by commending you for the good job you are doing,Kenyans have not lost hope in you,they believe that tomorrow if not today,you will rise up and march this nation across Rubicon.




  1. Mr.president u’re right, approx.23,600 is enough 4 A P1 teacher based on her/his level of education compared to massive graduates who are jobless even with masters degrees, teachers we’re bored with ua strikes.Remember TSC employees teachers annually & even go on strike bcoz the gvt has refused to recruit more teachers.mara ni mshahara & yet u’re getting same amt like other civil servants. how special r u teachers? ua children are in private schools bt wale wenye wanalipa taxes are lamenting even cannot eat 3 meals aday.Economically reason from that point.Furthermore u’re lucky u hav that kasmall salary u quote, some other ministries don’t employee graduates & majorit

  2. Me i would rather request teachers to resume their duties bcoz even biblically sombody deserves no pay if he has not toiled, walimu acheni jokes bana!!!! mi nko na masters but naosha magari ndiposa kujikimu.Si eti am illitrate,infact naeza kua bright than some of the teachers who scored bogus grades at form 4 level like D”

  3. kiprono….I believe it when you say what you do for a living but my question is; have you ever sat down alone quietly and thought of the reasons as to why you are washing cars? I suppose the answer to that question is the reason as to why you have written all the empty words in your comment. Teachers must be given the pay they deserve.

  4. I assume that the writer of this column must be a teacher and is only letting out his or her frustration. you have a point we have a blotted government from the MCA to the presidency! whose fault is that? as i recall it the new constitutional dispensation that is to blame for that. So it time to stop pointing blames to the President when we all know he has no legal power to order TSC around ( constitution made sure of that) and start finding solutions together as kenyans.

  5. Mr.Alex u’re right,we shouldn’t blame our Mr. president.He is a learned person & she deserves respect,Mr Uhuru thinks Critically b4 he says somthing, he agood example 2 emulate.Infact he is ok?

  6. It’s ridiculous or even something more worse than that. And before you start insinuating that perhaps am a teacher, I want to tell you that keep off national matters if you don’t have anything sensible to say. Teachers are not fighing for billions but a reasonable amount of money, amount equivalent to their toil. President to save teachers and stop establishing painful memories in people’s hearts.

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