Dear South Africans, #SayNotoXenophobia


I thought South Africans were the most civilized people in the continent. I thought they should lead and we follow. I thought when anything good is being spoken of about Africa; it is all about South Africa. When we speak of the first world cup in Africa, we are speaking of South Africa. Speaking of the most significant leaders in the world, we all lowered our eyebrows to the south and proudly mentioned our only African son Nelson Mandela. We thought he was our son until recently when our friends from the humble part of the campus direction decided to speak up.

I am sorry I had the most flawed information. I must confess it is a shame archiving erroneous information in my entire life, almost resigning from life before knowing the truth!

Do you know what courage it takes to become proud of being African? Do you it takes a lot of calories to think of myself being African? Now, what did Mandela never tell you! I just noticed Mandela is the only African Name in the English dictionary. All these are developments from the south! Did you wait for his death and start tarnishing his name?

In my country, living or studying in South Africa is like being in the first world countries only to notice that my village is better. We sent our sons to come over there to study, didn’t you ask for the visa? Didn’t your forms ask for the country of origin? What was that for? It has always taken a lot of blood, tears and pain to accept my skin color.

Maybe, yourself you are a class four dropout. The only link you have with education is that you had a dream of pursuing a diploma in history. Then you kill an engineer simply because they are foreigners occupying a position in your companies. You are happy when you are trending on CNN with a machete? In our country, machetes are agricultural tools for agricultural development. Since we believe you are more advanced than us, we expected you could come up with another way machetes can be used. Something else better than cutting your neighbors head.

Dear South Africans, we are disappointed, annoyed, pissed off and mad at you guys. You are a disgrace, a disappointment and a shame to us. I think of anything negative and the answer is South Africa.

Now, we have to spend money in making ‘Africa Let us unite’ posters rather than spending on development projects. We are spending our scarce resources on peace campaigns when we haven’t been able to provide food for our continent! We have to contaminate our columns and blogs with blood and burnt bodies! Where did we take brains?

One day you will be asked to give an account. History will judge you. It may not be very romantic as it is now. It is very unfortunate that people who we highly regard as the greatest minds in the continent are the ones who face very serious constraints with reasoning.

RIP innocent Africans who lost their lives because of someone they thought was a brother.


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