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I have taken quite sometime before contributing a write-up to this best Kenyan news site- a write-up that allows you #GoOneStepBeyond. This has been inspired by my realization that if you want to make a new contribution, you have got to make a whole new preparation, you need to go back to the drawing board and that means taking time. Though every significant writing project i’ve ever undertaken has reinforced this principle; it is so easy to forget.

To his credit, Erick Mutua, a potential third year AGBM student at Egerton requested me to cover an article that spanned campus relationship. He said this is one of the most challenging aspect of college life. I want to attempt to unpack it block by block though
I am aware of the challenges associated with tackling such a theme. Firstly, this is the only subject every comrade does well at. Nobody will agree that they need insights on this, you just can’t beat them. Secondly, who made me a relationship analyst? And I’m sure there are bound to be certain renunciations in just what I’m about to address. But look, I just have to do it.

I once attended a debate put forward by peer counselors at Egerton. It was dubbed, “Relationships at Egerton University Ends at Keep Left”, (keep left is a famous spot, a few distance from the main gate of the Njoro-based varsity). I was in the proposer’s side and we tremendously lost. That loss has finally inspired the material for this write-up and i am happy to be the only debater this time round, without any biased speaker or unrealistic and inconsiderate time keepers.

A Page Is Turned: The “Keep Left” Effect

Relationship is a good creation and ought to follow after a certain age, to be loved and love back must be a great social experience. It boosts one’s self worth and esteem just to know there is one who calls you ‘My love’, ‘My cake’ or any other food related name. Furthermore, by the time one reaches varsity, the beautiful ladies we were once told in high school are now born and so are handsome gentlemen and therefore, it is the optimal place to date but there is a worrying trend of gut-wrenching campus dating.

John And Brenda’s “Keep Left” Tragedy

Not long ago, our varsities had been buffeted by a wave of campus relationships gone awry for instance, the case at Moi where, on 21st March, on a Monday night, a love triangle ended tragically when Stephen Wairimu was stabbed to death by his colleague rival.
We can safely relate that comrades get into relationships without fully understanding what love is. To many, anything that produces intense pleasure defines the essence of love. For example, walking with arms intertwined or dispensing kisses or hugging uncontrollably inside a library.

Moi University First Year Student Stabs Fourth Year Comrade to Death Over a Lady

You will agree with me that most of these relationships are built on quicksand. Ladies evaluate men on how much money they have, while men evaluate ladies based on their looks. Clearly, money is what attracts ladies to men and to men beauty. Differently put infact succinctly, campus ladies are poor and men ugly. Little wonder then, women spend more time beavering away at looking good. However, they are great liars, when you ask them what they look for in a mate, they always give an endless list of desirable character and personality traits.

You could be catastrophically ugly, but if you are rich, ladies will still find you hot. Gone are the days when men used to charm ladies with depth of their knowledge, intellect, honey coated lyrics, great sense of humor and whatnot. As a man, to be ugly and poor is a big scandal, no sane lady will give you a second look in this age of ‘Sponsors’! Female students dress with risque candor, affording the roving male eyes with enough eye candy. Sadly, these ladies use these ‘relationships’ as an alternative or supplement to live their desired flashy lifestyles. This method is futile for those seeking happiness.

Men, on the other hand and cunning as they are, gets into ‘relationships’ as long as they can maintain a long register of their sexual conquests, in order to prove that they are red-blooded hence, the advent of infamous ‘Team mafisi.’- #Operation cover the head, hit the base, keep moving.

One thing I am sure about that makes dating in campus a nightmare is the fact that college is endowed with a wide range or variety of ladies and gentlemen. It is hard to chose who exactly belongs to you and this springs forth indulgent sexual adventurism, including experimentation in perverted sexual practices.

Hopefully, with solid bases and no irrationality, campus dating can work. We simply need to understand what we are getting into and become responsible for it. Adulthood demands making choices after careful considerations and there is no need of being embroiled in a long gut-wrenching thing.




  1. Well written.
    Love is the one thing we need to be wary and discreet about. There are a lot misleading ideas about love and they are popular.
    Thanks for addressing some of these.

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