Deputy Governor Wants Vocational Education and Training Boosted

Taita Taveta County Deputy Governor, Hon. Majala Mlagui
Taita Taveta County Deputy Governor, Hon. Majala Mlagui

Taita Taveta County Deputy Governor, Hon. Majala Mlagui has called upon the education stake holders to consider boosting the tertiary and technical vocational education during the review of primary and secondary education curriculum.

She made history by becoming the youngest deputy governor not only in the county of Taita Taveta but also in the country of Kenya. She’s a young gemologist and entrepreneur and has dedicated her life to fighting for the rights of miners in the county. In 2011, Mlagui started a social-impact company called Thamani to empower small scale miners through education and advocacy.

Majala who highly contributed support of the youth and women at large in the just concluded elections that led to her team clenching the governorship has in the past been quoted saying that their government will not entertain corruption and under performance as they aim to liberate thousands from the chains of poverty.

Speaking today at Sarova Panafrica Malaja said, “As we review our primary and secondary education curriculum, our tertiary and technical vocational education curriculum also need to match up with the growing sectors of the economy to ensure we have the relevant skills locally available for all the industries”.

The Deputy Governor argued that informal training when embraced well, will help in the improvement of employee engagement, skill mastery and on-the-job performance which are the key requirements in the current job market.

According to the 2014 economic survey many institutions are not concentrating on contributing factors or what is required in the economic growth of the country.

“As per the 2014 survey , it would seem we aren’t throwing a critical eye at our skills requirements forecast and ensuring we are adequately prepared to supporting the growing sectors, yet these are the areas that shall provide the necessary jobs for our large youth base” said Majala.

Vocational Education and Training (VET) is supposed to be playing a very central role in preparing millions of unemployed young people for work, developing the skills of adults and responding to the labour-market needs of the economy.



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