Did Aden Duale Ruin Campus Politics?


By George Munyasia

Some cultures are not meant to be altered, or perhaps not changed at all. Suffice to say, when the Majority Leader of the National Assembly Aden Duale stopped student candidates from campaigning during election, not less than 99% of students disagreed with him. Maybe he had seen the whole campus politics matter from another side of the coin that students didn’t. But the situation of corruption and injustice in the students’ administration took its toll since then.

Students who appeal to the vetting team, and have more power in terms of money have secured seats in the senate with much ease. It is not even clear how this vetting team is formed and who approves it. Just like in the ordinary society when things go wrong, students have shown their discontent, which is justified by the under-performing leaders since when the bill was passed.

In the case of Maseno University for example, the president-elect resides at the City Campus, kilometers away from the main campus. This has to a large extent affected his performance as the students’ leader; he is always far from reach. And when he is called to handle a problem, he takes just a few hours and goes back to Kisumu. He is like a guest in his own home.

No wonder, nowadays, just a handful of students concern themselves with voting for the already-selected prospective senate.

He also replaced ‘president’ for ‘chairman,’ a decision many student leaders protested against and blamed him for not consulting the student’s boards across the country. The biggest quagmire is that some bills are passed by a few in a sitting or two, when there should be a proper evaluation of the end-result.

To some extent, he protected the candidates from what comes with campaigns. He also, though not much, curbed tribalism (from the side of the students). But the subjects who are going to be ruled should be given a chance to at least select their leaders.



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