Donate Blood, Someone Needs It


At the end of the last semester, I donated blood, but, not because someone needed it. You know, VAT. I thought, I could not forgo lunch as it had become the order of the week, yet I have resources, that I didn’t  imagine, can be exploited for economic purposes, my blood!

BloodAnd you know these people give incentives. Sodas are provided with a variety of biscuits, and if you don’t want biscuits, they will provide other equals according to your taste. For me, my favorite snack ‘ngumu’ was present. So they did not need a pastor to convince me to donate. The needle was painful but considering the law of demand and opportunity cost, I felt piercing my skin a sweet experience. I sat at the bench, persevered the pain of the needle and, yes, I achieved my broad objective.

Results came last week and I went to collect them. I didn’t even remember I had taken such a courageous move to help someone in need! This madam in the Red Cross office was insisting to give me the results of my blood test. Who the hell told you I need those results? And do you think I don’t know where VCT is? Give me my donation card and keep those results to yourself. It really made me sweat having to know my status without psychological preparation especially in these days when HIV has become an airborne disease.

She was very beautiful and that made me accept counseling, just to admire her fundamentals for a moment but she confused it with her words to having convinced me.

At first I did not want to listen to her but after some short discussion, I was moved and at least got some sense of how useful blood donation is. She told me a story of a lady who got an accident and was saved by the good hearted people who donate blood, I remembered my friend who died in an accident due to excessive bleeding, he did not get the transfusion in time. Maybe someone did not know him so he didn’t see the need to donate blood.

She made me believe my blood helped someone I don’t know yet, and she made me believe this could happen to my closest people and even myself. I won’t need alcohol transfusion. I need blood to live again and if I don’t donate now, you too don’t and no one else does, then our dear brothers and sisters will die, and when your time and I  comes, just know that, even if you never did physics anywhere, action and reaction forces are equal. You will not get what you never gave.

Madam made me understand that there was something more than just giving me my blood test result slip. And, for sure, I saw why blood donation should even be a requirement for partial fulfillment of a university degree. Someday I will need it, maybe. Walking with guilt of using someone’s blood yet I refused to donate may not be a nice experience even to an Al Shabaab to whom killing as a hobby and has no single concept about the bible teachings.

Unless your circulatory system uses kerosene, donate blood. You may need it too.




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