DP Ruto Targets the Church and Raila Odinga Followers

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Known for his political tactics against his opponents, DP Ruto now seems to be following a different path to Presidency. The Jubilee Deputy Party Leader now isolated by the same state he serves, has shifted his focus to Raila Odinga strong-holds for support.

Though considered to be late President Moi’s political student, the DP has also learnt a great deal from the former premier. Infact, his antics sometimes resemble that of the ODM leader in all fronts.

In his mind and that of his staunch supporters from parts of the rift valley, DP Ruto somehow believed that President Uhuru had to support his bid in 2022. The group judged that their ‘help’ which secured Uhuru’s win would not be watered down. But things seems to be changing fast for the self proclaimed ‘hustler’.

In what his strategists now call ‘safe zones’, the DP now targets opinion leaders from across the country. He has now implored tactics to sway opposition following to his side. The DP’s current stance on public issues seems to be replica of Raila Odinga’s moves before he gave in to the handshake.

The current revenue sharing formulae impasse has helped him advance his agenda and show that he is pro-people. His suggestion of a win-win formulae was picked up by a team led by Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja. Together with a group of senators including Kipchumba Murkomen, the DP has successfully ensured that Raila Odinga back-tracks on his assured support of the proposed amendment by Irungu Kang’ata.

After going through embarrassing defeats in the floor of the senate, the opposition chief finally agreed with the DP’s sentiments throwing his weight behind the Sugoi chief led camp. The Deputy President is now keen on galvanizing support from the so called minority groups. This group has been behind Raila Odinga for decades with a belief that he is best suited to give them a better deal should he ascend to the presidency.

But Ruto now selling the idea that men close to the President have shortchanged him, is pushing forward an agenda that depicts him as the only man who can deviate from the current norm and bring about change. Knowing well how Raila Odinga’s backyard yearns for a political change since independence, the DP has been crisscrossing parts of Nyanza and Western Kenya counties through his allies.

In the past few days, the DP has also met a number of religious leaders in his Karen office helping him advance his aim of securing the church’s support. For the youth, small traders and women groups, the DP has crafted his message around his own story – a chicken seller from a poor background who rose to his position as the country’s second most powerful man. His agenda seems to be working as he dishes support worth millions of shillings to support small and medium businesses run by the youth. He has won a number of influential youths in the entertainment sector to his camp including Bahati of EMB and Chipukeezy.

Keiyo South MP Daniel Rono has revealed that DP Ruto will not use Jubilee Party as his political vehicle to State House in 2022. His support base therefore believes concentrating on marketing him will work in their favour in case they opt for another party due to the frosty relationship between the President and his deputy.



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