Drama as Babu Owino Writes to President Kenyatta Concerning Abortion Clinics


Information reaching our desk is that the Controversially outspoken SONU Chairperson Paul Ongili alias Babu Owino has addressed  a letter to his excellency the president of the republic of Kenya,Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta. In the letter copied to The chief justice,the deputy president,cabinet secretary for interior and national coordination,Nairobi county Senator,Nairobi county Governor,Cabinet secretary of health and the boys band Sauti Sol ,the chairperson of the African university students union is in need of permission of the son of Jomo to ban all clinics performing abortion in Nairobi.

This comes at a time when abortion cases in Kenyan campuses is hitting a record high. Its remembered that late last semester two fetuses were found dumped in a washroom and a toilet respectively at the nations world-class university-Egerton. The students at the Njoro based agricultural university would then take to social media condemning the act. Few weeks ago,a student of Nairobi university almost lost her life. The student is reported to have tried securing abortion at a clinic around Afya center. On the record, majority of campus ladies have secured an abortion in one way or the other. Out of ten ladies, six of them have had a successful abortion.

Babu owino's letter to the preseident
Babu Owino’s letter to the president

Among the methods used to secure abortions include surgical abortion. This entails the fetus being dismembered into pieces using some machines. The second one is the medical abortion where the affected use pills.Out there are many untold stories of campus ladies who have taken the pill rough because it is considered more secret and fast but at the end of the day,an abortion it is.

In the letter addressed to state house this afternoon,the Nyalenda Raised Babu Owino bring to the presidents attention,the alarming cases of abortion that is threatening to teat apart the social lives of Nairobian’s and leave them socially weak.

At MagazineReel,we make a stand against abortion,whether a lady aborts a child,that does not stop her from being a mother,yea,she is  a mother to a dead child.WE are yet to confirm if the letter has reached the president.

We will keep you updated on this developing story and much more.Keep the tabs open @MagazineReel and @KoyoOdongo. You can also share your views on this story through the comment box below. Should the president agree to Babu’s plea of having all the clinics suspected to be aiding abortion within Nairobi permanently closed?.




  1. Abortion is not allowed constitutionaly.
    The chapter four of the constitution does not allow abortion any howly but just in special situatims.The life of a child begin after conception.

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