Egerton App studio


“Someone had just started bragging how good his Windows Phone 8 programming skills are best then app studio walked in and made all of us equal.” This was the best tweet of Egerton App Studio Hack held on 8th and 9th November. It was an initiative by Nokia, Microsoft and Emobilis through the MSP program to train EUCOSSA members on how to develop Windows Phone 8 apps.

On 8th fifty guys all met in the lab with Wayne and Andrew from Emobilis. Introduction was done in the morning, people created Microsoft live accounts and everyone was ready to go.

In the afternoon the Egerton App Studio event was set rolling. And the reality dawned: you can make a Windows Phone App without writing even a single line of code, a full App and even publish it in the windows phone store. And with Microsoft having integrate Windows Phone 8 store and the Windows 8 store your App will be available in both stores.

Evening came and some people spent the whole evening in GO17 developing Apps so as to publish them the next day. Rumors had it that there might be someone walking away with a Nokia Lumia, this kept the spirit rising.

Egerton App Studio
Egerton App studio

On 9th in the morning as early as 8.30 a.m, people were busy developing Apps. Ideas come from anywhere. Mmmmmh someone made an App on how to milk a cow. Someone joked that it had Kamua Leo as the background music,that was a nice joke to keep the developers going. Apps came in, different names from Kenyan Politics to Uwezo Fund.

Many apps dealt with food, as expected. Some had rather funny names like Saka Job. And of course the few ladies in the house made Apps about shoes, clothes and also their favorite make up. Before noon Moses from Nokia arrived and he was with the Lumia. Vigor increased. Everyone making, generating and publishing Apps. People published Apps till late in the evening with Caren Happuch being the last.

Then the awards came, hampers and the Nokia Lumia 520. Those who had more than three Apps were eligible to win the phone. All people were eligible to win a Nokia hamper. Names were picked and people won hampers, caps and one lucky guy won a football. The moment came, anxiety engulfed. The name was picked, Peter Gakera walked away with the Nokia Lumia. Lucky guy.

And #EgertonAppStudio trended both nationally and worldwide both days.

It was a well spent weekend.

Nyakio is a Third Year Student and an MSP(Microsoft Student Partner)-Egerton University



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