Egerton Men Are Not Real Gentlemen!

Egerton University Salsa Moment

The utmost question I have never seized to ask myself is if real gentlemen exist. In a certain day, I set out to wash clothes. I lived in Egerton University’s Taifa hostel in a room situated within the first floor of the building. I wanted to make my work easier so I just carried 5 pails and clothes at ago since I had to move them to the outside pavement of the ground floor. This turned out to be a bad idea for me. I had hardly made it half way through the stairs when I realized that I could not be able to hold up everything all together . In simple terms, everything was just about to crash downstairs.

Almost immediately, two guys emerged right behind me definitely from the rooms upstairs. They were laughing and chatting loudly. Everything I carried occupied the entire space of the stairs in a way no one else could pass from downstairs or from upstairs. The guys just assumed my suffering and did not offer to help. Though they were patient enough to descend the stairs at my pace, in my mind I truly wished one of them would consider helping me.


Egerton University Salsa Moment

I staggered to the outside compound, dropping everything I had on a patch of grass right in front of the hostel. As if nothing had happened, the guys gracefully walked away.
I am a lady but when I meet another lady carrying stuff more than she can handle, I always help. This is not the case with dudes in Egerton, they probably can only help those they have met before but not a stranger.
Surely Egerton men, must you know a lady before you help her?. Must you only help her after she has tripped and fell? Must you have a connection to help someone you have never met before?.




  1. plaese dont put all egertonian men in de same basket… not made of two men please….everiwan has his own personality

  2. dont u av other universities to tweet about, y rely on egerton only to post bullshit, n a correction say about individuals not as egerton comrades when will magazine real eva think beyond the box?

  3. Sorry about your experience,….maybe you just met the wrong people. Stereotyping has never been the best solution

  4. usaidiwe kubeba mlivaa na nan?ulibeba xcess ya uwezo wako ukidhani kuna red cross kwa stairs?y dyu olwaiz tok ill of egerton men?bona mkipelekwa dinner hamsemi kwa magazinereel?wakati anakufungulia wallet ndo unatoa meno nje…mschewww!!!

  5. peleka ujinga mbali kama ulikua unataka usaudizi c ungeulizia, kwanza mlisaidiana na nani kuvaa izo nguo

  6. Why did you carry a load that u couldnt handle? infact i would hv pushed u down the status,to give u the momentum to fall nicely so u carry load ur size nxt tym,
    one more thing, this gentleman thing is for foolish men, real men do not deal with bitches,they stay away

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