EGERTON POLITICS: Am Ready to Serve All Comrades, Billy,Buruburu Congress Aspirant Says


Buruburu hostels,Egerton university is one place where politics is eaten for supper and taken for breakfast. Residents there talk politics from six to six.The race for who is to assume office as the next congressman is taking shape and that forms the main agenda in the various meetings being held at the upper mess and the tales chewed late in the night at the kitchenettes. One person who is put to battle it out for the seat is Billy Otieno.

From the faculty of Agriculture,undertaking a degree in agriculture and economics,Billy is out to seek maximum votes come voting day. His slogan reading “Ready for all” points at his diverse nature. He argues that he is in the race to serve all comrades regardless of their tribal affiliations. Among the key issues he seeks to address if elected congressperson include:

Continuous Replacement of Coils:

Buruburu residents are forced to stay late in the night to access the limited coils. If elected congressperson Buruburu,Billy assures comrades that there are enough coils in the place and they are repaired in time if they get spoilt.This will see comrades save enough time. This is a manifesto which all candidates in the previous elections on the same seat have always jumped on. Its a manifesto cutting across all the hostels. What beats logic is whether the said coils have never been repaired ever since.

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Proper Lightning in ablution blocks:

Ablution blocks in Buruburu are not well lit. This is mainly seen at night. One has to use a torch or a lighter to access the place at night. If elected congressperson,Billy promises bright ablutions, hygienic ablutions not to mention constant flow of water in the buildings.This will not only help keep the buildings in good shape but will also help raise the hygienic standards of the hostels .

Fix lights in the kitchenette:

Several kitchenettes in Buruburu are in the dark at night. This is due to faulty switches and less bulbs. If elected chair,Billy promises to lighten the kitchenettes brighter than ever.

Renovation Of BuruBuru Hostels:

The writings are on the wall,dating back five academic years and even more,the roofs are in bad condition ,Buruburu hostels need a serious face-lift. If elected congress,Billy promises to ensure Renovation of the hostels.

Above are some of the key drives behind Billy Otieno in his quest to become the next congressperson ,BuruBuru hostels. Whether he gets the opportunity depends more on how he is going to play his political cards in Buru Buru in the coming few days.

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