EGERTON POLITICS: Why I Want to be the Next SUEU Vice Chair, Collince Omiti Speaks

SUEU Egerton

Omiti Collince is not new to Campus politics specifically Egerton Politics,he is not in it for the first time,he has always been around.The third year Biochemistry students is back on the grind for the position of Vice chairperson SUEU in the coming elections.The soft spoken son of man is confident of victory coming his way owing to many followers he dictates in Tatton and different corners of the university.Physically short,Omiti is not short of words though,he is all over the place engaging comrades asking for their votes come the bid day.A true definition of a student-politician who has decided to put all his energy on one course.

The former faculty of science congressperson is in the race for the second most powerful seat in the union,His tenure at the helm of the science faculty at Egerton was one that was defined by time,students in the faculty boast of timely issuance of transcripts and smooth leadership thanks to Omiti.Wether he can excel if the whole university is vested upon him is something that will be dedicated by the direction the votes take come Friday when the electorate head to their various polling stations to vote in the leaders of their choice.

Hacking back in history,the position of Vice chairperson has always been overshadowed,after election in office,its all about the chairperson.His deputy is not felt ,often ,he/she is forgotten by the students and that’s the main reason as to why the various candidates aspiring for the position in the coming SUEU Elections have not hit the road with serious campaign  as compared to the chairperson aspirants.History has it that once elected,its a finished business for the vice chairperson.He/she has only to appear in the executive meetings and pocket the allowance awaiting salary .If elected,Omiti promises to change that notion ,he promises to get to work immediately and ensure that his manifesto to comrades are held up to the last.

With the elections coming quick ,we urge all the aspirants to embrace peace and avoid any act of violence and political witch hunt.Hit us on the comment box or on twitter @KoyoOdongo.





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