EGERTON RUNDA HOSTELS; In The Arms of a Sugar Daddy~Part 1

sugar daddy

“Enter Runda hostel at your own risk.” A friend of mine who was a fourth year told me when I was a freshman. I did not understand what he meant until several days later when I met Janet.

NOTE:  Names have been changed to conceal the identity. Should the names or situation coincide with yours or of those you know then it is purely coincidental.


How much do you now Runda ladies? You may think that you know it much but that is less. I hope my fellow Runda ladies will not judge me to be misrepresenting them.


Runda, the most prestigious ladies hostel in school. Those who have fathers and boy friend’s with swollen pockets reside there. We are beautiful in face and figure. No young man sees the beauty of a Runda lady without a cross of a sexy thought. Most married men see Runda ladies and start thinking of a plan B. And Jayden saw me.


sugar daddyI was walking with a group of girlfriends to take a bus to town when a Pajero stopped ahead of us then followed a hood.  An old man almost the age of my father moved out. He had a protruding stomach with his head beginning to be bald.


“Hello ladies, I am driving to Nakuru. I stopped to give you a lift.” He said as he bowed his head. He appeared very harmless. At first we thought that he might be a pastor or a reverend of some church.  Mum used to tell me to keep off strangers, but this one was a very harmless stranger.

I sat on the chair next to him. My friends were behind. I kept on changing the music to suit my friends’ interest. He drove very slowly. I could see in the speedometer that he was moving at a speed of 40Km/h. None of us seemed to smell a rat. Inside that Pajero was so comfortable.

We cracked jokes with my friends and burst out with laughter. He only afforded a smile. At some point he would chip in to our discussions. Each and every time he would say something which would make us burst out in laughter. He was a very funny guy. As we entered Nakuru he had already known our names.

“Janet, let me pass through oil Libya to fill my tank. I am heading to Nairobi, then I will drop you at Merika.”

I agreed to his request.  He opened the window in his right and called out.

“ Hey, niwekee full tank.” He gave the order.

My friends at the back seat were still parroting, making jokes and cracking laughter. The tank was full. He fished out his card and swiped.

“Ladies, don’t view this in a dishonest way. I have enjoyed your company and I am thinking of having lunch with you at Merika.” He said.

Before I could respond, Stancy was sharp from the back seat.

“Why not?”

I thought of revoking Stancy’s approval but that was a chance no one would let it go. Although I felt a little weary.





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