EGERTON TO THE WORLD: Super Model Lyn Sanga Taking Over Africa Modeling Scene


She was on the first episode of 254 Live, She has been almost on every stage you can think of, she is dark and beautiful, she has more than three modeling crowns on her head and she is not stopping, above all, she is ever smiling and calm, she is “that Chiq Linda”,i had a conversation with Lyn Sanga, one of the best Runway Models Kenya will ever have, this is how it went

Koyo: How did you start out as a model?

Sanga:I started way back in high school but professionally my first event was in 2014 after I attended a fashion event a friend was participating and decided to try out.

Koyo: What is the experience so far, are you a runway model or a photo Model.

Sanga:The road has been really bumpy but at the same time fruitful, nothing comes easy right! I am both a runway model and a commercial model but as much as the cameras love me, I love the runway more.

Koyo: As a model you meet a lot of men you work with, have they been all professional? Not even one of them has made a move on you?

Sanga: They will always try to make a move on you but if you respect yourself then people will respect you therefore keeping it as professional as possible.

Koyo: In one word, what makes up a good model?

Sanga:A smart model is a good model

Koyo: You are really doing well, your basket is full of tittles and crowns just mention all of them and tell us something small on each

  • Miss Charity Nakuru 2014
  • Miss Culture Egerton 2015
  • Miss University Nakuru 2016
  • Miss Eco Kenya Nakuru 2017
  • Miss Africa Continent Kenya 2017
  • I keep learning something new with every title and they give me the drive to reach out for greater and greater heights.

Koyo: Why do you keep winning?

Sanga: I believe in talent and passion and also trust in God, all of us want to win, the final say comes from God, we as human beings though, must put in work and have faith for that is what the Bible says in the book of James.

Koyo: What are you doing now?

Sanga:I have a lot in store especially for my county but currently I am preparing for the Miss Africa Continent competitions which will be in Rwanda, a competition am looking forward to, I have put in a lot on my designs, practice ,eating habits and most importantly, prayers, it’s time to Show all that .Rwanda,the winner is Here!

Koyo: Talk to someone who wants to be a super model like you, also mention some of the challenges in the industry

Sanga:There are so many challenges in this industry especially if your priorities are not right, thankfully our society is starting to appreciate and support the fashion and modeling industry, above all I have also learnt that the greatest thing we can do as human beings is giving ourselves  permission to rise and find joy

Koyo: Tell guys how they can find you

Well, African rising and the African woman is at the front row, that to a continent that is struggling to keep up with the western culture, is a blessing, started from the bottom, Like you have read, Lyn Sanga is now a supermodel ready to take up responsibilities she did not asked for, Responsibilities she stood up and went after, We wish her well as she takes up our nations flag and waves it high in Rwanda.

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