Egerton University Chancellor’s DEVKI Group to Donate Oxygen gas Cylinders to Hospitals

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After donating 100 million shillings to the government for supply of oxygen to hospitals, DEVKI group of companies Chairperson and Egerton University Chancellor Dr Narendra Raval has pledged to donate oxygen gas cylinders to facilities across the country.

In a speech published in his twitter handle immediately after the announcement by the Ministry of health that there were few oxygen gas cylinders in hospital, the philanthropist noted that their plants in Mombasa, Ruiru and Athi River remain open to hospitals and clinics who need free oxygen.


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“If the need arises, I am ready to pledge all my assets to save my country and the people of Kenya from the COVID-19 devil,” Mr Naval had posted on Twitter back in April 2020.

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Mr Mutahi Kagwe, the Cabinet secretary for Health, said demand is now hovering around 880 tons from 560 tons in January and 410 tons last year.

“The situation at the moment is that the gas manufacturing industry is completely stretched. If we go any further than that, immediate steps will have to be taken,”Mr Kagwe said.


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The Egerton University Chancellor also divulged that DEVKI group has secured Sh327.75 million ($3 million) loan from Standard Chartered Bank to finance its initiatives aimed at fighting Covid-19 pandemic.

The loan is part of the StanChart’s Sh109.75 billion ($ 1 billion) Covid Financing global initiative, unveiled in March 2020, to help companies and households recover from the global pandemic shocks on earnings.

Dr Raval is also taking part in the building of a facility -Hope Hos

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l project- at Kenyatta National Hospital for Cancer patients set to cost more than 430 million shillings. The facility will have a day respite area, a cancer resource centre, restaurant and other support services.


The idea to construct a hostel at the KNH was a relief for cancer patients who have been struggling not only to foot their hospital bills but also find a place to stay during the treatment period.

Conceived in 2017, the idea was to provide decent accommodation for outpatient cancer patients.



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