Egerton University on the Receiving End over Sh17000 Damage FeesDamage

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Egerton University students on Friday, December 20, 2019, took to social media to decry hefty fines charged against them by the institution.

This came after the school senate came to an agreement that all students pay a total of Sh16,862 to clear damages caused by demonstrations witnessed in the university in early December.

According to an advert that made rounds on social media, disabled students and students from other campuses are exempted from paying the fine.

Through the hashtag #EgertonHeist, the students expressed their frustrations and disbelief toward the decision.

Jason J – We are not fools if we are to hot seat them for services paid for and not delivered they are the ones to be paying the damages fees.

Kevin Mkale – Egerton university’s integrity is questionable even from how they are making these decisions.

Kabarak Finest – This is totally thievery on a daylight. You must resist such things thieves #EgertonHeist

Some Kenyans online accused the institution of extorting the students in order to pay its debts to KRA.

Bravin Yuri – Egerton University owes KRA Ksh. 856 Million in unpaid taxes and their title deed was taken. Now they are charging students ksh. 16,862 for ‘damages’ caused during the strike but the aim is to raise funds to pay KRA. Collective punishment is Criminal & Illegal! #EgertonHeist

Bly Wanjiru – This damage fee is clear EXTORTION from students by a broke administration whose accounts have been frozen. We must speak up.

Egerton University was closed indefinitely on December 4, 2019, after students staged demonstrations in protest attempts to lockout students with school fee balances from sitting for exams.



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