Egerton University Students Are More Mature than their UoN and KU Colleagues

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Even as #GES2015Kenya has taken over the country, university students are doing all they can to ensure that they get the attention of the world’s most powerful man. Right from Walter Samwel of SEKU to Babu Owino of UoN. The student leaders have even clashed over the superiority of their institutions with regards to where President Obama should visit. Today morning saw student leaders from Kenyatta university engage in a war of words with University of Nairobi students. It is even argued that activities within Kenyatta university was brought to a standstill when some of the logistics personnel arrived at the institution. Students also came out to declare that they had taken a leave from reading and attending lectures up until Sunday when the USA President will depart the country.

Though many other campuses have taken a backstage in this war of who is superior to who, Egerton university scores high. The students led by their leaders have been very calm and only focused on when their examinations will kick off. Their social media and discussion fora has been ablaze with how they can make their own institution better in terms of churning out knowledge and skills. Worth noting is that a number of their students and alumni have been selected to grace the #GES2015Kenya as delegates. Some of them will even get a chance to showcase their technological inventions. A number will come out of the event having clocked in Millions of US Dollars. Despite all this, the students have been calm and focused on their long term plans and goals. They know that the world will not end if President Obama fails to visit their institution. They also know that President Obama will be here for the Purpose of Global Entrepreneurship Summit and not any other side shows emanating from the likes of KU and UoN.

egerton universityTo seal the point that Egerton university students are more mature and logical than their chest thumping friends, Egerton University Economic Students Association has gone ahead to organize an event set to happen concurrently with Obama’s Arrival in Kenya on Friday the 24th of July 2015. The students are gearing up for the event being aware that Kenya as a nation is in Unemployment crisis.

EUESA will be having a seminar for the Economics and other students in general. The seminar will be held on Friday 25th July 2015 starting 9.30am at Fass Theatre two (FT2).

Many who have interacted with graduates will tell you how the world past the gates of the institution do turn tragic immediately after graduation. During this event, you will be able to capture the real picture of opportunities that are available for you once you step out of the institution. Anybody who is interested in learning how to land a lucrative job or how to start a business empire immediately after their graduation should never miss being at FT2 on Friday. So instead of following twitter hashtags and commenting about #KideroGrass, Egerton university students will equally carry out a very important activity which will cater for those of them who will not be at KICC to grace the #GES2015Kenya.

Only two days ago, Employers gave a great feedback that 90% of job applications are thrown out and the individuals never make it to the interview panel because of poor CV writing. Most lack prowess in languages used to express desires and many gamble on the format and what to start with. Egerton University accepted this challenge and this event will do the final molding and give the students a competitive edge in the job market.

Even as another hashtag will be formed by KU and UoN students to send Obama out of the country on Monday, Egerton university students will be enjoying the glory of having an edge in securing jobs once they step out of the university. The maturity in them will show employers that they will never embrace sideshows when at work. On Friday, Fass Theatre 2 (FT2) will hold the future of this nation. Every student must jump into the boat before it leaves the show.




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