Egerton University Students take on Police as they go on the Rampage over Damage Fees

Egerton University

Several Egerton University students were arrested Monday morning as they clashed with the Police amid a protest against the institution’s move to impose a Sh17,000 fee on learners to compensate for damage from a previous strike.

Police were seen confronting students in the streets of Njoro, Nakuru County as they engaged in running battles.

The previous evening, police had resorted to shooting in the air to disperse rioting students.

The latest round of demos comes a month after the institution was closed following student unrest.

The university had announced resumption of classes, but the management of the institution required students to pay the fee, leading to Sunday evening’s drama.

According to Njoro Sub-County Police Commander Mohammed Huka, students had tried to gain access to the institution through the main gate but were denied entry by security officers.

Police engaged the students, who were hurling stones in running battles, with officers shooting in the air to disperse them.

A Royal Media Services reporter had his recorder confiscated by officers at the main entrance Sunday evening when they realised that he was recording the incident.

“They noticed my gadget was recording and confiscated it as they locked me up in a small office at the main gate for one hour,” the journalist told the Nation on the phone.

The journalist, who recorded a statement at Njoro Police Station, said his phone was also confiscated but was later handed back to him. The officers were left with his recorder.

In December, students had protested the administration’s move to block learners with fees arrears from sitting examinations.

The institution had threatened to defer the affected students for a year if they did not clear fees balances.

Student leaders had called a meeting on December 4 but, as they assembled at the students’ centre to listen to their leaders, police arrived and lobbed teargas at them, forcing them out of the institution and into Njoro town.

The university was then closed indefinitely.



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